A Page from the Manwhoring 101

Yes, this is as natural as those mannequins in the shop window but the important thing is Derek Theler is doing his job. He might have hired the same PR agency as Joey Lawrence but we know that it is Derek’s duty to be shirtless and photographed anyway. This is from the ‘beach workout’ chapter in the Manwhoring 101 and all this trouble is basically to whore out his new series “I’m Not That Guy” on ABC Family (via Just Jared). My only complaint is why we have to wait until he has a new show coming out or out of job? This should happen EVERYDAY.

  • JD

    Hopefully he’s as dumb as he looks – like Ryan Lochte. (makes it SO much easier to get their dicks out of their pants when they are)

    But gotta say this – honey, NOBODY wears Capri Pants to the beach to workout anymore.

  • M

    Yeah, I think the Capri pants are cheesy and silly.

  • jimmywolk

    Not even the shadow of a bulge on this guy…. yawn.

  • J. Leo

    my only complaint is that he still has his pants on.

  • AriesMatt

    Hmmm… Did Baby Daddy get cancelled? Hadn’t heard if it has… He is such a cutie. Yum.

  • pickle

    I wouldn’t say “no”, but he’s not my first choice.

  • Rich F.

    I sincerely hope that that’s nail polish on the nails of his big toes…

  • Brody

    a little hair would be lovely

  • Amit

    No, “I’m Not That Guy” is just the title of the season premiere episode of Baby Daddy. He’s attractive enough, but yeah…jimmywolk makes a good point. For jeans that tight, he is oddly bulge-less.

  • mitch

    maybe his cock is in hiding until he changes pants–the guy is hot–if he has chest hairy,,,then his dick is extra embarassed—or it just doesn;t want to be judged by a bunch of bitches like you all—–anyone who wouldn’t want that must be extremely dense

  • mitch

    btw—the jeans aren’t tight—they actually fit—-I hope the baggy saggy look leaves ASAP—-the guy is hot—I wouldn’t kick him outta bed,,,,unless he wanted to fuck on the floor

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    My god. All these bitchy queens worried about nail polish, Capri pants and non-existent bulges. He’s a stud. Who cares if his black cut-off jeans remind you of Carpi pants that are out-of-style. I’d bet none of you ever even came close to someone this hot. Get a fucking life.

  • M


    Speak for yourself, honey!

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