Guess This Furry Chest


If you can’t guess this correctly based on the tags provided, then you really should quit the internet. I’m serious!

Yes, it’s none other than the Swedish man of all your dreams aka Tarzan – Alexander Skarsgard! He’s actually the first finest export from the country, Ikea being the close second. This is a still from his new film “Disconnect” which generously exploits him and the always just about 18 Max Thieriot (which is 25 this year – damn his genetics).

Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless in Disconnect

  • Mac

    Just beautiful!

  • Christopher

    to Squarehippies-

    i agree with you that Stellan’s “little” boy is one of the tastiest
    Swedish imports ever and i look forward to “Disconnect”
    which sounds like an interesting film aside from any skin
    factor. but and there’s always a but.

    i would have preferred an actual English actor playing the
    heir to the Greystoke estate. age appropriate candidates
    would be Henry Cavill or Charlie Hunnam, even Nicholas
    Holt who’s quite tall would be a good choice assuming he
    buffed up a bit.

  • pickle


  • Eric

    Mmmmmm, so sexy! And those nipples are delicious! I have already popping a boner just looking at this hahaha

  • winlockwood

    ..and Frank Grillo! How many times have I typed in “Frank Grillo nude” into an image search and looked at those pix. go ahead, give it a try…you’ll like it! I’ve been a fan since his days on The Guiding Light.

  • michael

    truly a norse god come to life. he was jaw-dropping in true blood.

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  • MM

    I don’t think he is that hot — he photographs well, but I know the type: stringy, gaunt, pale. No thanks.

  • len


  • ChrisCo

    That’s hardly a furry chest!

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