Matt Damon Does Matthew Fox

Matt Damon Shirtless in Elysium

No, not like that. Please. Matt Damon is all about the hair, and without it he would just look like… this. It’s from “Elysium” (via EW) and he’s going all Matthew Fox in this sci-fi film. I don’t know, his face looks the same, the body is delectable but that lack of hair is a little bit discomforting. Baldness can be so sexy but I think some people should keep their head pubes on at all times – but TO BE HONEST, I would make love to a coconut if I can, so everything else I’ve said is basically irrelevant.

Matt Damon Shirtless in Elysium

Matt Damon in Elysium

  • michael

    i think he looks terrible bald.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    I think he looks just as hot bald as with hair. Great shaped head. When you got it, you got it. And Mr. Damon “Got it.”

  • Boris

    Oh Yes! He got it big time!

    But the tattoos look fake… The make up department could have done a better job!

  • I’d still do him.

  • Mike

    Nope. His incredible stupidity off-screen renders him a total zero in my book.

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  • hairystud

    I am completely drawing a blank, but when was Matthew Fox bald?

  • JD

    Not making any apologies beforehand for what I am about to say:

    MATT DAMON IS JUST FUCKING UGLY! The man did not age well at ALL.

    And since he can’t shut the fuck up about his personal politics (as he and ALL celebrities should do) and seems to be pretty damn stupid at times, he’s even LESS attractive due to that.

  • andrew

    one of the very few guys i can say doesnt look better as the years went on.


    no no…. i dont like this. i prefer my matt damon chunky and soft

  • Bill W

    One of the very few Hollywood Dems to realize Obama is a right-wing asshole, so yay.

    Couldn’t care less about this movie. Prefer him with hair, so waiting for “Liberace.”

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