Tom Daley's Rashes

When your body is telling you it doesn’t want to be friends with the razor anymore, then the time has come for the depilation madness to stop. I’m just tempted to put this as a “guess this skin rash” post but as you can probably tell this is Britain’s forever boywhore Tom Daley in at FINA/Midea Diving World Series 2013 in Edinburgh. It has been a while.

  • Okcspooge

    Let this be a lesson, Tom. You made a temporary imperfection, and we saw it.

    Dem pits, though.

  • Tom

    It’s OK because Tommy Boy does absolutely NOTHING for me. I find him not the least bit attractive.

  • cutler

    PUT DOWN the razor FOREVER TOM and become the adorable FUZZY WUZZY that YOU ARE MENT TO BE!! i still LOVE him!

  • MT

    He’s cute, but I’m over him. And he strikes me as VERY gay BTW

  • Beagz

    Okay, I’m not trying to be stupid, but why shave everything but the happy trail?

  • Boris

    It looks like folliculitis…

  • michael

    he does nothing for me. his head is too big for his body and he has teeth like a horse.;…
    that being said, he shouldnt have been allowed in the pool with a skin rash that bad.
    embrace your manliness, tom. you cant be a “boy” anymore. you cant fight it. its a no win situation.

  • Joey

    He is really cute and nice body and bulge!

  • marty

    water mange is not a good thing

  • SZK

    He looks good with the scruff! And he’ll look even better when he stops shaving his chest and stomach.

  • JD

    Absolutely nothing attractive there. At all. Before or after. Guy is just boringly and oddly “plain” and way too much of a little girl. Have a nice day, flamers!

  • pickle

    @ JD

    It’s pathetic how misogynistic and homophobic (IDC if you’re gay; internalized homophobia exists) you are – insulting this guy by calling him a girl? As if it’s bad to have feminine traits? Jeez. If anything, it sounds like you’re projecting.

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  • Nick

    I have to question the sexual orientation of any gay man that does not find him smokin hot.

  • hairystud

    He’s looking more muscled. Gotta lay off the razor for a month, though, to let the skin heal. Then, I hope, he realizes how awesome his body hair is and decides to keep much more of it!

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  • Simon Haeems

    Wishing you’ll ALL the best
    your FANS.
    Simon & Daniel.

  • Bob

    Tom is quite hairy and allowing the fur to grow in, will do wonders to add to his image as a man. Can’t wait to see how hairy he really is; we know his legs are naturally and generously fur-covered, but I’m excited about the potential for the chest and belly…the rash and stubble pattern are very encouraging indicators

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