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Jon Hamm's Nuts

It’s a sad fact when someone mentioned Jon Hamm, the first thing that would come to mind isn’t Don Draper anymore. Yes, this is nuts! Here’s mah husband taking his dog out for a walk with his um, partner via Dlisted. The real one would be me OF COURSE (partner, not dog although I don’t mind to be honest).

  • JD

    I’m beginning to think Hamm is “hamming” it up a bit. There’s something stuffed in those pants that isn’t original parts. Can’t be all him. Just not possible.

    However, I am going to say I am glad to see that he has a real dog instead of one of those “hollywood status dogs” like a Chihuahua or one of those ugly Bull Dog/Pug breeds that everyone seems to have to be seen with.

    So come on Hamm, if that’s real, PROVE IT. ( i know for a fact that he reads your blog, so he’ll see this comment for sure)

  • Candi Rue

    Hey look at me freeballin’, again, even after I bitched you out last week about looking at me freeballin, you mooks!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Oh, please. He’s not stuffing his pants…. He’s got a big dick. Lots of men do. And he likes to show it off. Good for him. Great for us dick watchers.

  • michael

    good lord, the thing is monstrous. lets hope he’s as skilled in using it as he is in showing it off. of course, i cant imagine it would be exactly easy to hide if he were so inclined.

  • jdench

    it’s an absolute monster!

  • Bee

    As hot as he is, I’m kinda over it now. Seen it too many times to be considered interesting. Now maybe if he ever did full frontal *drools*

  • Redboy70

    A few words to JD:

    Chihuahuas are dogs, too. All dogs are real dogs.

    if you think that the Hamm-aconda couldn’t possible be real, you need to get out more.

    With love…

  • Eric

    Jon is no doubt extremely sexy and his obvious big penis is hot as well, but like another said, I am over it. There have been so many pictures of him going commando that it isn’t interesting anymore. What I really want to see is some full frontal. I don’t want to see it covered up by his jeans. I want to actually see the damn thing! haha

  • Mark

    It looks like he doesn’t wear underwear.This is for both men and women,I don’t care how hot you are you have to wear freakin’ underwear!!Do and wear(or don’t wear)anything you want in your bedroom but when you’re outside you follow the rules.It’s the same thing with deodorant.It’s common courtesy.

  • MT

    I’ve seen him in wet swim trunks and there’s nothing to see there. As said, he’s “hamming it up” no doubt. If it was that big you’d be able to see it always in more detail. Much like the D Beckham photos, there’s less there than there’s showing.

  • Eric

    @Mark: Why should he wear underwear? If he doesn’t want to, then he shouldn’t have to. It is not a rule of the universe that you have to wear underwear when you are out in public. That is stupid. As long as he is covering up with shorts/pants, then he is alright. Some men (and women) just don’t like underwear. For some people it feels better.

  • bcooper

    i would like to smoosh against it

  • andrew

    i agree. if it was that big you would be able to see the head. (not trying to get too graphic) it kinda looks like a sock lmao. if it is real then dude has got a thick johnson for sure. I kinda like that he shows off. im thankful theres guys out there willing to show off the goods like woman be doing

  • Mark

    @Eric It’s a matter of hygiene Eric.Do it for other people not yourself!Especially on a hot day you just don’t want to sit on the same place that has been sitted by these commandos.There are tons of them out there.We just don’t know who they are but when you spot them you be careful.Again,it’s common courtesy.

  • Joey

    I want it! Give me some!!!!! I want to see it all unleashed!

  • rodthehorny

    He never fails to amuse me. ;p

  • liam

    betcha it’s like a log of fat sausage with two extra large eggs and the smell of cheese in there….mmm, breakfast

  • paltronator


  • babyboy

    Keep those pics cuming Mr. Hamm luv them I think your Penis has a mind of his own.

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