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Joe Manganiello Shirtless in Men's Health

All the muscle groups visible? Check. Designer beard? Check. Chicken legs? Check. Joe Manganiello seems to be the ultimate gym bunny’s wet dream, but unfortunately these shots from the latest issue of Men’s Health does absolutely nothing down there in libidocity especially the picture above. Maybe it’s not actually Joe himself but his body fat trying to cling on to his body for dear life. That being said – OF COURSE I’D HIT ALL OF THAT. Don’t be silly.

Joe Manganiello Shirtless in Men's Health

Joe Manganiello Shirtless in Men's Health

Joe Manganiello Shirtless in Men's Health

  • Mark

    Two words for him: hurt me!

  • michael

    i think guys that are that stringy are not attractive. i know, i know, he’s supposed to be the hottest thing since brickettes, but that really does nothing for me. i prefer a little more meat on the bone and a little less perfection.

  • wpb30635

    That first pic makes him look a little anorexic.

  • Mark

    Let’s remember that he is 6’5″ tall — a basketball player’s build (he also played football and volleyball). He’s got a muscular/lean build — it may look “thin” but I bet if you saw him up close you’d all be drooling.

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    Chicken Legs…
    But still, I’ll do him. Or He’ll do me

  • Brian

    He does look too thin and stringy there. He’s normally a gorgeous man, but he’s gone a little too low on the body fat here. A little beef looks good on him.

  • Mike

    He is getting thinner and more muscular at the same time.Not a good look for him because we’ve seen him looking better.He needs to slow down a bit.With that said,he is still one of the sexiest manwhores in Hollywood!

  • rodthehorny

    What are you doing???? Stop punishing yourself and wake up, bring back the old you. I am sure many out there agrees with me. A penny for my thought Joe. That is all!

  • levitt

    beef that lean needs some man tenderizer…to make it juicy and tender

  • pickle

    He looks sickly here. Not attractive.

  • MT

    Never understood the fascination for this guy. Nice body yes, but terribly ugly face. Fugly even.

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    Beauty and The “Beast” indeed.

  • John

    You people are all crazy (except for Mark). Joe M. is one incredibly well built man. His amazing leanness is all to his credit. Without it, you wouldn’t see the definition of his beautiful abs. My only possible modifications would be (a) that he could use a haircut to bring the mop on his head somewhat under control, and (b) if the hairless chest is the product of shaving, that he let his natural stuff grow. (Seems as though I have seen a photo of him somewhere with a proper hairy chest, but not certain about that.)

  • Vlaovik

    I don’t get the chicken legs comment.

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