Another Day, Another Discrimination Against Hotness

Benedict Cumberbatch Shirtless in Star Trek Into Darkness

I’m not so much of a Cumberbitch myself, but giving the circumstances this should keep one satisfied for many weeks to come (cum?). This is obviously almost last week’s news, but if you want the latest you go to the bloody BBC okay? Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch taking a ‘shower of evil’ in the deleted scene from “Star Trek Into Darkness” shown on “Conan” which of course another of Hollywood’s many discrimination against hotness. Short but sweet enough to flood your panties.

Benedict Cumberbatch Shirtless

Benedict Cumberbatch Shirtless

Benedict Cumberbatch Shirtless

Benedict Cumberbatch Shirtless

It’s not all doom and gloom I guess since we have this.

Chris Pine Shirtless

  • Boris

    I wonder why they did not include this scene in the movie, since he has the same kind of muscular chest as the late Ricardo Montalban had!

  • Christopher

    the scene with Kirk in bed with two ladies was so quick it
    can hardly be classified as a shirtless scene but the cut
    scene with Cumberbatch most certainly was. i’m betting
    the scene was cut for being too homoerotic just like Zac
    Efron’s shower scene from HSM3.

  • Mike

    Great body but just another butterface.

  • k

    I’m gonna guess that cutting it had more to do with Cumberbatch deciding the expression a genocidal villain might have in the shower is “I’m taking a perplexing shit” than it did with any homoeroticism.

  • Christopher

    granted a director can’t include every frame he/she shoots
    in the release cut of the film. but i’m guessing the discreet
    homoeroticism in the way the scene was shot and edited
    played a part, case in point a scene in the 1st Fast and Furious
    film. in it all the half dozen main male characters are lounging
    on and standing next to a truck they’ve just cleaned and
    detailed. they’re shirtless and sweaty and it looks like a live
    action Abecrombie and Fitch ad. it never made it into the
    release cut of the film for this very reason. it was included as
    an extra on the dvd.

  • pickle

    They didn’t keep this scene yet they made sure to include Alice Eve’s nonsensical underwear scene that no relevance to the script whatsoever. Good job, JJ.

  • michael

    well, these were dull. onward….

  • szoszo

    a month later and i’m still laughing at the perplexing shit comment.

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