Catching Up with the Sudeikis

There are times when nothing needs to be said at all, and I think this is one of them. Here’s a wet and unshaved mah husband Jason Sudeikis in Hawaii with some chick (I refuse to recognize for my own good), via Just Jared. Thanks to Johnny and Jesse for the heads up, you guys are simply the best. Happy Memorial Day!

  • you have no idea how much I’ve missed (looking at) him

  • @bo_s Makes two of us!

  • Jim

    I’m going to look at the top photo and repeat “Awww, Jason and his husband are vacationing with the nieces.”

  • YAY for never shaving!
    He’s been losing so much weight over the last year. Still husband material, though.
    Damn Lucky Olivia for tapping that.
    LOVE his tiny nipples 🙂


  • JD

    Picture # 3 – the bulge says it all. Tells me everything I need to know.

    S T U D !!!!

    The man is made for breeding. Someone just needs to tell him he’s breeding the wrong gender. 😉

  • Colby Varner

    That bulge, HE’S PACKING! 😀

  • Joey

    He looks really good!

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    Bulge, Hair Bulge Hair, Bulge Hair, Bulge Hair… O_O

  • By far an ideal gem. Natural, unpretentious, and masculine. He’s looking great! Bulge or not, he’s sexy.

  • lordy


  • michael

    sorry to say, i just dont see the attraction. he’s really rather ordinary. you see a million guys on the beach that look like him. i wouldnt even recognize him on the street if i bumped into him

  • Jeremy

    The ordinary is the sexy appeal for me. He’s ordinarily extraordinary. Much more relatable in my book.

  • JD

    Agree with @Jeremy – that’s what makes this man attractive. He’s “a guy”. Why do so many people feel that someone must be perfect in every way, in order to be attractive?

    Being handsome or good-looking isn’t something someone can choose to be. It’s genetics. So I can’t fault someone who is naturally pretty. But I can fault someone who tries too hard and exhibits that they KNOW they’re pretty.

    A person doesn’t have to be classically handsome or beautiful to be attractive.

    Don’t have to have a fake, built up, tweaked and polished gym body.
    Don’t have to be shaved and waxed and sterile looking.
    Don’t have to be dressed in the most absurdly overpriced designer name clothing.

    It’s the ORDINARY that this guy carries that makes him attractive. And to me, it’s the ordinary guy who always catches my eye over any of the pretty boys and perfect boys out there, every time.

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