Chris Pine Who?

Darrin Rose in Star Trek Commercial

As expected, my man friend is going to drag my ass to watch (what looks like zero shirtlessness) “Star Trek: Into Darkness” soon but I think that’s not necessary anymore after watching this Esurance commercial starring mah husband’s adorkable Canadian twin Darrin Rose. After the massive multi-sensory orgy that is the Eurovision last night, this is exactly what I need. More like this but less clothes, please. Thanks to Brian for this!

  • There’s a super-brief Chris Pine in bed moment, and lots of skintight latex, but nothing to write home about.

  • Tom

    Do you ever post ethnic guys?

  • Omar

    The skintight latex was pretty great. Chris Pine has an ass and package that won’t quit!

  • Steve

    He can’t hold a candle to Chris Pine.

  • Joe

    Darrin Rose is a very funny guy. The new Match Game is a bit lame but Darrin and Sean Cullen have great improve skills that make the show worth watching.

    I thought the new Star Trek was entertaining but the only real skin was a brief (and gratuitous) female bra and panties shot.

  • Reese

    I thought that Jason Sudeikis looked a little weird in that commercial. Good to know I wasn’t imagining things. Those eyes and beard are totally drool-worthy. 🙂

  • yeah, he is tasty.

  • Gabriel
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