Discovering Ben Foden

Ben Foden

Due to my obvious lack of interest in (actual) sports, a fine specimen like Northampton Saints rugby player Ben Foden went MIA on this joint – until now. I mean, Thom Evans is pefection but Ben Foden is really on another whole different level. He’s on the cover of the latest issue of Attitude magazine photographed by Joseph Sinclair (via Image Amplified), but somehow even working with all the hotness in the world they have managed to doll him up to a point of looking like another page in the J. Crew catalogue. The true beauty of Ben lies in his candidness and scruffiness. This issue needs to be addressed in the next exploit, and that hairy tree trunk of an arm demands a special mention, doesn’t it?

Ben Foden

Ben Foden Shirtless

Ben Foden Shirtless

Ben Foden Shirtless

Ben Foden Shirtless

  • Those pecs! And that pubic aerea!!!

  • David

    He is a delight. He reminds me of a younger brother of Henry Cavill. I hope he isn’t shaving his forest on his chest and he is just barren on his chest. I’d lick the forest off of him anytime

  • Mark

    Those nipples look like they’ve been sucked a lot!!Maybe gay or bi at least!Who cares he is beautiful!

  • Sammy

    He is PERFECT.

  • michael

    now THATS a level of perfection not seen on this or any other site in a long time. my mouth just dropped open.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Square nailed it. He’s MUCH hotter with some scruff and looking like a rugby player. Magnificent specimen.

  • Those arms and that chest do not compute. He is sexy as hell but I’d like to see him with some fur!

  • Colby Varner


    And I forbid him going near hair trimmer/shavers! 😀

  • Len

    HOTNESS X 1,000!

  • paltronator

    great looking arms

  • Joe

    have known about him for a while, he’s married to one of the girls in The Saturdays, I believe.

  • eagander

    SHAVER!!!! Otherwise, gorgeous and hunky. I could cum just looking at his furry, huge arms!!

  • lvff

    +100 points to anyone who finds this guy unshaved… damn great arms

  • JD

    God at those ARMS! FUCK! – and you KNOW, you just KNOW he has one of those beer-can thick cocks. Not long, but big and fat and thick with a big head….. OH GOD. I have to go now —— 🙂

    • John

      Ohhhh yea I 2nd your thought JD…..well then again, you just described mine! Later JD…JR

  • DoverDavid

    Yuck waxed fruit.

  • What a HOT man!

  • scott

    not bad for a mexican hairless variety

  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    I keep coming back for that photo of him and the jeans. A remarkably sexy man.

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  • tommy5677

    Being a chest shaver ruins it.

    • Isoron

      He still won’t even look at you. Are you furry? Please show us.

      • tommy5677

        Actually, one could surmise after reading your drivel, that you’re an ass.

        • Isoron

          He won’t be your ass.

          • tommy5677

            I bet you’re hot.

  • Jefferson

    Dem nipples man, just delish!

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