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Wil Traval Shirtless in The Inbetweeners

And that is not a typo (for once). Sorry, I couldn’t resist with the title – it has been a while okay? After such a divisive post, I hope that this can somehow redeem my ass. Australia has many fine exports, and Wil Traval has to be one of them. These caps of him providing the nerds (present company included) some much needed panty moisture are from “The Inbetweeners” capped by my trusty Jair, but you can see Wil as the Sheriff in “Once Upon a Time” and a regular in series “Red Widow”. It looks like he’s steadily climbing the Hollyweird ladder of manwhoring, so the only thing we can see from him at the top is more and more shirtlessness!

Wil Traval Shirtless in The Inbetweeners

Wil Traval Shirtless in The Inbetweeners

Wil Traval Shirtless in The Inbetweeners

Wil Traval Shirtless in The Inbetweeners

  • Yes. Oh, yes.

    I love that natural look… the kind that doesn’t appear to be the result of three hours a day in the gym, but rather just good healthy living. (A touch of good genetics doesn’t hurt.)

  • eagander

    Interesting… a man stamp.

  • FakeName

    The crotch tattoois unfortunate.

  • Bob

    Want to see beyond the tattoo. It is similar to a treasure trail. rsrsrs

  • Len

    He’s ok, but i’ll take Joey Pollari(sweater vest)any day!

  • michael

    i thing he’s completely beautiful in a natural way. and i love the “below the belt” tats. thats just a complete turn on. definately works for me. or would work for me.

  • Bob

    Michael Agree with you. the hint of tats are exciting of things to come. rsrsrs

  • J

    Not to be the correcting dbag but he wasn’t the sheriff in Once Upon a Time that was Jamie Dornan. But wow he’s super gorgeous. And Australian? ~swoon~

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  • lordy

    i like his face and bod; i’ll forgive him for the frontal man stamp

  • buckie

    Hmmmm….ok…you win ! !

  • Rondina Ivan

    whats his real name?

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