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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shirtless in Don Jon

Today (and few days before) is brought to you by a buffed up Situation-esque Joseph Gordon-Levitt browsing this website in his new film “Don Jon”, which is basically a rom-com version of “Shame” without Fassbender’s Irish-German sausage flapping at your face (which is very unfortunate because he has a potential rival here). JGL knows that he has too many bitches out there salivating over him and you can see it on his face when he introduces the trailer. “Don Jon” also stars basically everyone under 35 in Hollywood with Tony Danza which was the JGL of his days and will be released in your ovaries October 18th.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shirtless in Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shirtless in Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shirtless in Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shirtless in Don Jon

  • David

    JGL and Tony Danza both in wife-beaters?

  • Seriously

    Ugh, no. How anyone thinks a buffed-up JGL is attractive is beyond me.

  • david

    I’d take Danza over jgl.

  • I’ll take both, please.

    Yes, at the same time.

  • Christopher

    will someone please explain to me the point of getting a film
    ready or as i put it shot, edited and in the can so it can have
    its debut showing at the Sundance Film Festival which is held
    in January yet not release it theatrically till almost a year later?

  • DoverDavid


  • Jim

    I really thought it was the make-up in Looper that made his eyes look like that.

  • Len

    J.G.L. would look better if his hair wasn’t brushed back. it does nothing for him. otherwise he’s HOTT….so’s Tony Danza too!!

  • JD

    Uh. NO. This does not work for him, at all. What reason cause or rhyme would anyone think that him coming across as some Jersey Shore guido or whatever would be funny or attractive. This is an asinine role, JGL, and from the looks of it, a pretty ridiculous storyline as well. We want the sexy, softer, sweeter, real guy JGL. Not this cartoon character.

  • Len

    J.G.L. was far from sweet and loveable in Latter Days, though I agree I like him better your way. Proves he’s a versatile actor.

  • michael

    sorry, he does absolutely nothing for me.

  • hairystud

    Is Gordon-Levitt’s sausage cut or not? I used to think he was part Asian (uncut) , but I now think he’s Asheknazi Jewish (cut). Are there any nude scenes in this film to help us sorty this out?

  • Mike

    Tony Danza is a DILF!!

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    I got some “vibe” watching this… but not in a very attractive ways.

  • bee

    You “think”? What the hell does that mean? Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a Jew, and his parents are both Jews. Same as Logan Lerman, James Wolk, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, etc. There is no “thinking” involved. Why don’t you go around thnking Jesse EIsenbergerstein is NOT a Jew instead, thanks.

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  • Shannon

    Wow! Why are so many ppl hating on Joseph? Do I think this looks like the best movie ever? No.. Do I think this will be the role that defines him? No f’in way.
    But I do love Joseph in pretty much anything he does because I’m just that loyal to the actors I care about even if I think the story line is a bit gay. He is the guy I never would think was hot but than out of nowhere, he comes inception and he made Leo look like crap. At least in my opinion. He has the best smile with those sexy dimples. The main reason I don’t think this is a great movie is because I feel like they are basically biting off of the “Jersey Shore” Genre. Which.. Eww, need u say more. Those retards all need to fall of the planet already. Especially Vinny G.. Who gives a fuck..
    I really don’t like how they made Joseph look like a carbon copy to the snitch-uation, only Joseph is really handsome, where as Mike is Fugly as F!
    Anyways.. I will definitely watch this movie .. When it’s available on demand or free to watch on my direc-tv.. Lol
    By the way, I love Hesher!

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