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James Franco in GQ

I’m not exactly sure what James Franco is offering above in the new comedy issue of GQ but as much as I enjoy looking at the different muscle groups on his arm – it’s not my kind of thing. Really. That being said, I would happily volunteer to take the skeleton’s place in the second shot.

James Franco in GQ

James Franco in GQ

James Franco in GQ

James Franco in GQ

James Franco in GQ

  • Brody

    Love him.

  • Tom

    …but he’s wearing a shirt.

  • michael

    nice looking guy, but those pictures…..people really get paid to take those? gods, im in the wrong line of work. are they supposed to say something to me? sell me something? freak me out? what? they’re pointless and stupid.

  • Mark

    He is gorgeous!

  • cmeloni

    i would love to get high with him and then spend hours afterwards lovemaking

  • David

    He gets better looking every time I see him

  • Milton

    YES!! That man is certainly ONE of mah husbands.

  • OH! How I love James!

  • pickle

    He’s obnoxious. Prefer his bushy eyebrowed brother Dave.

  • Mallory

    I agree with pickle. Though neither one is so great. James always comes across to me like a someone you’d buy drugs from and are far better off leaving the f*** alone.

  • rockhopper

    Hey, these actors have to work hard to keep in shape. If they want to flex for us to show it off, I’m really okay with that. 🙂

  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    He’s kind of good-looking, but every time I see him in a movie I want to slap him. And that disastrously pretentious poem he wrote at the inauguration made me want to slap him even more. And the Oscar fiasco made me want to kick him. He’s OK looking, I guess, but not my type, and I find him very overrated as an actor.

  • John

    Nothing special, imho.

  • JD

    He is very good looking and has a hot body. I’d take him home, use his ass and his mouth thoroughly and then be done with him. Otherwise, I could do without him. Too obnoxious and full of himself, otherwise.

  • JD

    OH – and OF COURSE he’s a homo. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

  • Mike

    @JD He’s more like bisexual than 100% gay.

  • Buck

    Mike – bisexual = homo in denial. lol

  • Avery

    fucking idiot

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    That smile… damn dude, marry ME!

  • Gorgeous piece of hunk

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    There is “something” about him that makes my heart pound every time I saw his picture. Is it love? or lust? or just me being horny?

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