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Derek Theler Shirtless in Baby Daddy

Some people are just born into this world to be a manwhore and it is his duty to put himself out there and be exploited by others as much as he can. Derek Theler is one of them. I mean – that body, that height, that face, that talent… If only he leaves his chest in peace he would be perfection. These are from a recent episode of “Baby Daddy” capped by Superherofan plus bonus post gym shot posted on his Twitter earlier. Uh, just sit on my face already.

Derek Theler Shirtless in Baby Daddy

Derek Theler Shirtless in Baby Daddy

Derek Theler Shirtless in Baby Daddy

Derek Theler Shirtless in Baby Daddy

Derek Theler Shirtless on Twitter

  • Florian

    Does anyone know why he has black nail polish on his big toes ? That’s weird don’t you think ?

  • @Florian Probably to hide his forklift toes?

  • pickle

    Eh it doesn’t bother me if guys have nail polish on their fingernails or toenails.

    I just realized he was in that State Farm commercial.

  • mitch

    he is a very hot man—-good work on this post–speaking of good work on a post

  • M

    According to his Wiki entry, he is 6’5″ tall. Yowza! That’s a big guy to climb!

  • JD

    Some men, you just know from looking at them that they have big, thick, nice, perfect cocks. This is one of those guys. Sure would like to see it and sample it. 😉

  • Brody

    the self pic at the end just sealed the deal for me.

  • len

    he can MANWHORE all he wants!

  • ZF

    I totally agree JD, and hell if that is you in the picture I would love to sample you anytime as well!

  • Alec

    He is too sexy!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    JD and ZF, I’ve had him. He has a tiny wee-wee.

  • babyboy

    Yummy to the Tummy….

  • John

    Excellent hunk of a man, especially in the last photo where his manly fuzz in intact.

    Even assuming the truth of WannaBuyaDuck’s allegation, when you’re talking about a man with that beautiful a chest and that handsome a face, the size of his male member is irrelevant. I find it offensive that Wanna even mentioned it. The telling represents a betrayal of the intimacy that Derek opened himself up to (if in fact the incident that Duck claimed ever happened). If I get naked with someone, I don’t want him broadcasting his “findings” to the world.

  • michael

    my gods, he’ a giant! i love giants.
    you would definately know you’d been rolled over on.

  • michael

    love guys with that pale white skin where you can see the veins underneath.

  • I guess I need to start watching Baby Daddy.

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