Oh Hai There, Robert Kazinsky

Robert Kazinsky in True Blood

Drooling over the hot naked bodies of Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello and co on “True Blood” is exciting but let’s face it – after six seasons it can get a little bit old and your ovaries need something new and fresh. Something like former “Eastenders” hunk Robert Kazinsky playing Sookie’s love interest on this week’s episode. He’s adorable and looks like he belongs to a country band. AND he’s furry. All over. This is totally my new Hoyt. Shirtless scene next week, s’il vous plait!

Robert Kazinsky in True Blood

Robert Kazinsky in True Blood

Robert Kazinsky in True Blood

Robert Kazinsky in True Blood

I know you’re moaning about the lack of skin in this post so here’s some of his brief shirtlessness on “Brothers and Sisters”.

Robert Kazinsky in True Blood

Also, this picture looks very Matt Tebbutt-ish. I’ll be in my room.

Robert Kazinsky in True Blood

  • alejandrito

    omg, yes!!! i saw him on last night’s episode and had to immediately change my panties!

  • josh

    Used to love him in EE – just pure manly gingery grrrrrrr hotness

  • cutler

    i’d never seen him before but when we got a tease of that chest hair I was like HELLO! I just know he’ll be either evil or killed violently, or both but i’m going to enjoy him while he’s on here!

  • leir


  • Oh hell yes!

  • JuanCarlos

    Dear God…look at those hairy arms!!!!!!!! and that chest hair!!!!!!
    I just died

  • michael

    he’s real nice in an average sort a way

  • DoverDavid

    Lick, lap, gulp.

  • babyboy

    mmmm A Happy Meal….

  • Jim

    I haven’t caught up on True Blood yet. I think this will speed up that process. Damn hot.

  • JD

    Hot DAMN! Come to daddy! Or more like, me go to daddy!

    @babyboy – I’d say he’s more like a Double Quarter Pounder Meal!

  • Yowza

    Wow, I was smitten, too, when I saw him on the TB episode. He has a sort of southern redneck look that I find just irresistible. That chest hair is icing on a very nice package.

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  • anderson

    boner material

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