Portrait of a Manwhore

Joe Manganiello Shirtless on Mens Health Magazine

I guess this shot of Joe Manwhore-jello on August issue of straight man bible (not really) that is Mens Health is the equivalent of having a bussomus blonde on the cover of Nuts, but without the ‘straight sex only’ bullcrap. That look can only be thrown by an A-grade professional Hollywood manwhore so all these budding ones need to sit down, watch and learn because having a couple of photographers taking pictures of you working out in the park just won’t cut it.

Joe Manganiello Shirtless on Mens Health

Joe Manganiello Shirtless on Mens Health

Joe Manganiello Shirtless on Mens Health

Joe Manganiello Shirtless on Mens Health

  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    Oh, the things I would do to him…

  • leir

    …perhaps a decent haircut would be first! 😉

  • MT

    I just don’t get this guy. He’s not attractive even if he has a decent body. I’d go so far as to say he borders of f-ugly. I’ve seen him in interviews and it didn’t make me like him any more. Just don’t get all the hype that surrounds him…

  • Brody

    I think I might prefer him with less hair, and facial hair (and imagine a bit of hair on the chest!) but still… just a magnificent specimen of a man.

  • Tom

    Does nothing for me.

  • michael

    that man has some neck-breaker thighs. i had to take a moment or two.

  • babyboy

    If you are going to be a Man-Whore you might as well look like that…..

  • Warren

    You know, I’ve been a fan since first seeing him on an early season of How I Met Your Mother, and got into True Blood when he signed on. However, something lately isn’t doing it for me. I don’t know why…. maybe it’s the hair cut. Or maybe he’s gotten too lean. Or maybe it’s just been too much of a good thing.

  • Ted

    There’s nothing less attractive than a man who thinks he’s really good looking. And he’s not nearly as good looking as he thinks he is. The patchy gray beard and the lame haircut don’t help.

  • JD

    He’s like the guy who was raised wearing clothing from Sears, who suddenly wins the lottery and yet STILL buys his clothes from Sears! There’s so much that he could do to be a very handsome guy, yet he still chooses to dress from Sears. Too bad. GET A HAIRCUT and CLEAN UP, Joseph!

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  • Reese

    Part of the turn-off for me is that the photos, especially the first one and the magazine cover are so over-photoshopped and so pieced together from other photos that he doesn’t quite look human. Additionally, Joe’s now jumped the shark.

  • pickle

    So unappealing.

  • arthur3

    I find nothing attractive about him, especially the douchey long hair on a man his age.

  • Ben


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