Shall We Call It a Day?

Craig David Shirtless

Remember the time when Craig David waltzed into your life in the late 90s and you were like yes and thank the supreme being (aka aliens) for creating this fine specimen of manbeef? Then we go into the next stage of Craig David which is with extra beef and filled with enough protein shakes to feed Africa in the mid noughties. This picture, which he puts on his Instagram basically completes the full sequence. It belongs to one place and that is the biology text book.

Craig David Shirtless on Instagram

  • mt


  • Brody

    Wasn’t a big fan before, but… no. Just no.

  • Boris

    Did not know the guy then, not interested in knowing him now!

  • jad

    Please somebody give this man a sandwich he looks awful. Can a man be anorexic? His body might be interesting to touch but that is about it.

  • M

    Agree with everyone above.

  • rene

    who is he?…and why..?

  • k

    My takeaway from this is that trying to be an anorexic gym bunny makes you look 10 years older than you are. That 40-something looking rough mess is 32. THIRTY TWO.


  • Yeah. He isn’t working for me.

    I like men, REAL men. You know, the kind that look like guys. He looks like a fitness model.

  • michael

    eeeeeeew. no, he looks all caved in, kinda. just not into stringy.

  • michael

    he looks like one of those anatomy exhibits where all the flesh is stripped off and you see everything underneath.

  • eagander

    Not attractive. I don’t care how “healthy” that might make him.

  • David

    I know I’m not going to discussed and what not on this site however I would never want to look like I lost so much weight that my bones are showing. Is he posing as someone famous runner/jogger for the olympics or some fitness organization? I’d understand then. Hey Square, why not post up again pics of Sean Patrick McDavey.

  • Brian

    I don’t know who he is, but he does nothing for me. Too much anatomy model and not enough beef.

  • SZK

    This new look doesn’t suit him, in my opinion – and I can’t imagine that’s actually healthy; it looks as though his body is deprived of virtually all fat, which isn’t a good thing. Is he still singing and putting out records?

  • Clint

    I used to work at the hotel that he lives in (thats the hotels’ gym pictured here) and he did not look anything like this before. I remember riding in the elevator with him multiple times while he was shirtless and thinking, he should probably wax his back.

  • John

    I guess it falls to me to be the contrarian here, but I think he looks GREAT. I am in awe of the discipline it must have taken to build those muscles and lose every ounce of fat that may have formerly obscured them. In terms of age, to me he looks not a day over 32 and I would have no problem with it even if he looked, say, 40. Just wish he hadn’t waxed his powerful chest & glorious abs.

  • Brad

    You can totally tell his workout schedule:

    He did some cardio on Monday
    Did some free weights on Tuesday
    He was working on his abs by Wednesday
    And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday
    He chilled on Sunday.

    Am I right?


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