Thank You One Million Moms!

Anderson Davis Shirtless for Kraft Zesty

Really, if it’s not for them whining I would never have seen this beautiful piece of art (you know, because I’m always tardy for almost everything) by Kraft whoring out their Zesty Italian dressing using almost every inch of model Anderson Davis. Well, based on previous engagements I would assume no razor or wax involved so I really have nothing to complain except the existence of “One Million Moms”. And I just contradicted myself and loving it!

Anderson Davis Shirtless in Kraft Zesty Ad

Anderson Davis Shirtless in Kraft Zesty Ad

Anderson Davis Shirtless in Kraft Zesty Ad

  • I just don’t know how they can be One Million Moms when they have, as of this moment, fewer than 57,500 likes on Facebooks. OH SNAP! They make stuff up, that’s how!

  • northalabama

    i suddenly have the urge for some zesty italian. any zesty italian.

  • len

    1. he does NOTHING ,NADA, for me.
    2. I think that this commercial is INAPPROPRIATE for anything other than Cosmopolitan or any gay magazine.


    Good-looking guy but sorry, photo-shopped to death!

  • Brian

    These One Million Moms are so ridiculous. Everything they protest, from Archie Comic’s gay character Kevin Keller, to Ellen, their protests are a total failure. What a complete joke, even their numbers are a miniscule number compared to false claims of One Million. Lame.
    It’s beyond ridiculous to seriously expect anyone to be offended by beefcake in advertising when women’s sexuality is used to sell everything.
    The guy is handsome, if too airbrushed. At least his pits and legs are naturally hairy.

  • len

    there’s beefcake, and there is NEAR NUDITY. Nudity turns me off as a sales tool.

  • Jacques

    Cute until he opens his mouth.

  • John

    Cute, but given the fulness of his beard and the hair on his legs, I assume that his natural endowment must include some chest hair or at least a treasure trail. Until he’s allowed to be himself in that respect, I will protest the only way I know — by not buying any of the subject salad dressing.

  • Warren

    He’s got a great YouTube video at:

    The commercials are hilarious. There’s four or five of them, and he keeps losing his shirt in inventive, funny ways. I think this was smart marketing; it’s got people talking.

  • J

    He looked oh so sexy shirtless and in these well fitting pants on Live with Kelly and Michael!

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