Why Paul Rudd Should Make This Permanent

Paul Rudd's Mustache in Prince Avalanche

Today is brought to you by mah husband Paul Rudd’s mustache in the upcoming “Prince Avalanche” with the forever cub Emile Hirsch. I really don’t see why he doesn’t want that thick piece of hotness to be a permanent fixture on his face (other than my tongue of course). Watch the trailer, after the jump. Personally, “Avalanche” exactly the right words after watching Paul’s thick upper lip pubes.

Also, if you’re complaining about the lack of skin in this post (can’t blame you) here are some of mah husband in his underwear from “Anchorman 2” trailer.

Paul Rudd Shirtless in Anchorman 2

Paul Rudd Shirtless in Anchorman 2

  • eagander

    Pass on both pathetic excuses for a movie!

  • Tom

    Sometime I just wish he would do something beside stupid cornball comedies. That’s the one thing that made me dislike Matthew McWhat’shisface.

  • Who’s the black guy?

  • JD

    I have to agree with Tom. I love Paul, but he’s so typecast now, I couldn’t watch him in something serious or thriller like.

    It’s like trying to watch Eric McCormac in anything. He will always be Will, from Will & Grace, and I can’t take him serious in anything else.

    Too bad.

    But Paul is still sexy hot. Just wish he’d finally let us see his big dick!

  • Cal

    The black guy to his right looks hotter…

  • DoverDavid

    I’ll take Paul any day of the week.

  • levitt

    i am very fond of pornstaches…they feel good

  • butch

    I agree with you JD, whats your email? I wanna send ya some stuff.

  • butch

    I think he hot in that perm!!!! I wanna see the whole process tho !!!

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