Double Bubble

Zac Efron and Dave Franco in Townies

Of course I’m referring to those two massive balls in front of them. No, not those balls but the other ones. Okay, I give up. There are so many balls in this picture so it basically writes its own caption. One of the best ways to start the week is two dock your eyeballs onto Zac Efron and Dave Franco’s firm behinds in “Townies” and that is a fact.

  • marmot

    i would so bareback franco over that ball

  • Mike

    I’d love to see James fuck his brother’s tight ass over that ball!

  • Mike

    James Franco is a definite yes Zac is BIG NO

  • Larryne

    I’d fuck Dave whilst Zac fucks me.

  • Milton

    Would let both of them do me. Maybe at the same time. Hey, Mike, gay incest is STILL incest.

  • Thatguy

    Hopefully next time both those bubbles are my ass. And those pants are off.

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