How Does This Make You Feel?

Peter Sarsgaard Shirtless in The Killing

File this under hot guys trying to de-hot themselves. Of all the Peter Sarsgaard reincarnates, this goes straight to the bottom pile. It’s for the role (obviously) of Tom Seward in the latest season of “The Killing” via Just Jared. Top Sarsgaard looks and probably the only looks nature intended for him were Cleveland in “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh“, David in “An Education” and John in “Orphan“.

Peter Sarsgaard Shirtless in The Killing

  • He looks sick and twisted, but I have to say I’d still tap that.


  • JimBo

    He was at his body beautiful best in Kinsey!

  • I like him best with messy hair. But this will still do.

  • JD

    Always wondered how big his dick gets – it was kind of tiny in the nude scene in Kinsey. And too much bush – but it was a period piece film, trimming the pubic hair wasn’t a thing then….. he’s attractive, I like him better minus the extra few pounds seen here. Yeah, I’d hit it. Once. lol

  • Mark

    Still a thousand times hotter than that limey twink diver.

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