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Nick Jonas Shirtless on Instagram

File this under “how to keep yourself relevant in 2013”. It’s clear that Nick Jonas spends a lot of time in the gym and less time shaving, which is awesome. This was posted on his Instagram with the caption “I never do this but…” and you know he’s telling the truth. Unlike other gym whores, Nick has a special ability to resist taking a selfie after each workout. Yes, Nick Jonas is that rare! If only he turned the damn filter off but maybe that was his intention looking a little holy, you know because he’s NEVER done this before. And no, I am NOT complaining – of fucking course.

Nick Jonas Shirtless on Instagram

  • DoverDavid


  • We forgive you, Nick, for the Disney years!

  • David

    Oh Nick, get a little more beefier and grow more fur then we’ll talk.

  • Larryne

    Are you crazy David? Nick is pretty buff now. He was moderately attractive before, but he’s smoking hot now! I’m happy he let my body hair grow in, unlike Joe who shaves his off. It hit that in an instant.

  • Len

    Nick has become TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!! Time has been good to him from a scrawny teen to a SUPERHOTT one.

  • michael

    oh, in a heartbeat. he sure grew up real nice….

  • northalabama

    file this under “i am rich enough to have time to work out twice a day, every day, so somebody better look a pictures of me in my underwear so i get the attention i want”.

  • Sammy

    Not usually my type – but WOW I would ravage him!

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    Get beefier and grow more chest hair and I am all yours. Or not!

  • Christopher

    doesn’t the pic look photoshopped? particulary the head?

  • mt

    I agree Christopher. It looks suspicious for sure

  • Zac

    @northalabama – You sound extremely bitter…’s amusing, Thank you.

  • jad

    by the time he is 30 he will be very hairy. I can’t wait to see his full chest fill in….yummmm

  • Redboy70

    I guess all the purity ring pseudo-Christian bullshit is out the window now that he’s a millionaire. He seems a bit obnoxious to me when I’ve seen interviews.

  • Joey

    He looks so hot! Amazing body! Just wish he had on underwear instead of those pants!

  • Christopher

    will someone please explain to me how the Instagram filters
    makes it look like a fake photoshopped job.

  • Kelbel

    He is not obnoxious. He should be more confident than he is. After all he was a child musical prodigy, graduated at 16, has been in 2 bands by 17 and obviously id totally beating diabetes. He and his brothers are always humble and thankful. oh and I’d hit that for the rest of my life and if Joe and Kevin want to join in well I’m good with that.

  • JD

    I’d give him the honor of feeling my cock in his ass, once. Then I’d shoo him away to go back and play boy-band boy. Next!

  • Christopher

    Nick J. has nice full beautiful nipples. now while the hair in the center
    of his chest is sexy and gives him an distinct hotness he should most
    definitely shave the hair around his nipples. we don’t need any hair
    covering their sexiness.

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