Monday Blues

Chris Pine Baby Blues

I know we’re all suffering from ‘no-skin-for-a-week’ syndrome courtesy of my lazy ass but Chris Pine’s pair of baby blues with salt and pepper beard will cure that shit in no time. If these shots from “Into the Darkness” portrait session captured by Richard Chambury don’t at least give you the tingles, then you might as well pack your things and move out from this planet because you’re no human, girl.

Chris Pine's Baby Blues

Chris Pine's Baby Blues

Chris Pine's Baby Blues

  • He’s pretty and manly all at the same time. Super hot! Him and Zachary Quinto. Makes me want to ship ’em.

  • Boris

    Oh! My! Effing! GODDDDDDDD!

  • Matt

    I am a wet mess looking at him. Yum, Yum YUM

  • michael

    he’s ok. nice, normal, everyday kinda guy.

  • JD

    Never did much for me, this guy. Maybe if I could see his cock hard ….. but I doubt it would change anything.

    Note to Chris – dye the grey in the goatee, or lose it altogether.

    Early aging due to grey beard hairs in a 32 year old, never a good thing. Looks kind of weird, like that weird “fleard” of Spencer Pratt’s. Creepy…

  • DoverDavid

    He’s got great eyebrows.

  • lietz

    i would give him a good facial scrub, followed by a protein mask while staring at those blue eyes

  • jad

    Just beautiful….Man, I love touching and rubbing up against a mans beard if its one day old or 1 year old. A beard and chest hair…thats what makes a man a real MAN.

  • Totally agree about his eyebrows… i love a good set of masculine brows that haven’t been plucked and shaped. Some grooming (like separating a monobrow) is perfectly fine, but a guy’s brow should not look like he just did a night of drag.

    Chris is a pretty guy but I think he’s gonna grow old VERY gracefully. Even with some white in his whiskers and a slightly receded hairline, he’s exceptionally handsome. Those crystal blue eyes are just icing on the cake.

  • KJ

    These closeups make you realize just how much fucking makeup they put on him for camera. Make up makes him look 10 years younger than these pix. I agree, he should either get rid of the gray in his beard, or get rid of the beard.

  • KJ

    Correction: He should get rid of the beard only after I’ve had a chance to see my cock disappear into that pretty mouth 🙂

  • Penetrating blue eyes get me every time, beard or just plain scruff doesn’t matter.

  • brian

    I’d love to get some wood off Chris Pine. If you’ve read some of his latest interviews, it reveals that he is just as beautiful on the inside. He’s our Paul Newman for the 21st century. Sigh.

  • Tarc

    Leave the grey I the beard – triple hot. Don’t cave to the plastic lovers.

  • SexiBoi

    Me: I love Everything about You! Except Your Eyes,
    Chris: Why? Whats wrong with my Eyes?
    Me: They are like the ocean, I’m afraid of getting lost in them.
    *enter Makeout Scene*

    Too Cheesy?

  • @SexiBoi it’s kind of perfect for a softcore porn.

  • szoszo

    would like something like this featuring benedict cumberbatch.

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