RIP, Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith in Glee

This is really all shades of sad and it’s always heartbreaking to see someone so young and talented go so soon. Cory Monteith was found dead in a hotel in Vancouver last night. He was 31. Sounds like something trolls on the interwebs made up all the time but it really happened. I don’t usually post deaths here but I think this deserves a discussion. Cory has been battling with drug addiction and sadly went into the paths of River Phoenix, Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro. Rest in peace, Cory. There’s only one Finn Hudson and there will never, ever be another one.

  • I’m saddened by the news. He was my favourite, still is. RIP Monteith.

  • Ed Meiller

    Thank you very much for the respectful tribute to Mr. Monteith. You are correct…there will never be another Finn Hudson.

  • MT

    While it’s sad, we must realize that this happens everyday to someone in this country. We need to focus our efforts on the issue as a whole, not simply on those “famous”.
    I wish his friends and family well during this time of loss.

  • JD

    @MT — WELL SAID! Thank you for bringing it up in that way. You’re right – one life is no more important or special than another. Death is death and tragic regardless, for all connected.

    Lots of people have problems and lose their battle with their demons…. and I’m sure that’s what happened to Cory. But on the day he died, many others died and from the same problems and causes.

    Think on a whole, not just on a fraction simply because someone is famous, or has money, or is pretty to look at. Rest in peace Cory. Wish someone could have fixed things for you.

  • Bob

    I’ll just be sad for his family and friends loss for now. The politics were there yesterday, and they will be there tomorrow.

  • Christopher

    what i don’t understand is if these young promising actors
    have problems why someone close to them-father, mother,
    boyfriend, girfriend, wife etc……. doesn’t make damn sure they
    get help?

  • szoszo

    thank you for this post and that you left all kinds of judgment out of it. yes, i know he did drugs but he wasn’t a bad person for it and yes i know that many other people die like this every day. but i loved him. and while his death is not more important it is not less important either. he touched many people with his goofy personality and his lovely voice. i wish people would just mourn respectfully without taking the chance to bring the attention to things that will never change the fact that cory is gone.

  • Beagz

    I can only hope and pray he’s finally found peace.

    Just a reminder, I suppose, that those that seem to have it all still have some of the same problems / issues that the rest of us face.

    And thank you, MT & JD. Thank you for reminding us that thousands are facing their own battles each and every day, and they deserve our help and support. That is truly what we need to focus on.

  • Brody

    And yet again, Glee manages to make me bawl my eyes out.

  • Sammy

    Rest sweet prince. He was so talented, so beautiful. I had a chance to meet him almost 2 years ago and he was sweet and humble, even lovelier in person. I am saddened by such an awful loss.

  • Mark

    RIP Cory.I hope you found peace there. ๐Ÿ™

  • David

    Wasted talent. He must have been fighting his demons. Sad day all around. There will always be replacements in Hollywood for new talent. I somehow have to ask why wasn’t an intervention done by his friends, colleagues and family? I pray he is given to sing in the Heavens.

  • eagander

    Christopher & David. Mostly likely his family/friends tried, but as the saying goes, ‘You can lead a horse to water….” No one can make a person with an addiction get better or even seek help if the addict themselves isn’t willing. And perhaps he did try, but the challenge was just too great for him… and countless others.

  • John

    Thanks, Square, for your very appropriate words. As an admirer and distant relative of Cory Monteith, this is very painful. Still, if Cory’s tragic death serves as a warning to some of the world’s millions of confused youth to STAY completely AWAY from illegal drugs, he will not have died in vain.

  • cutler

    finn was the best fictional step brother a gay boy could hope for. I will always remember when he dressed up like lady gaga and when he danced with kurt at their parents’ wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rondina Ivan

      i dont want to see glee anymore, especially now thst my favorite chracter is gone.

  • JD

    @Christopher – having dealt with friends on a road to disaster or certain death, and having lost a couple of them — I can assure you, that YOU can’t make a friend/loved one do anything they don’t want to do or are not ready to do. They have to be ready to hit bottom and come back from it — some are strong and LISTEN to the advice and suggestions given to help them get over that hurdle – they come back from rehab and they stop associating with the enablers, the people who are most likely to get them back on the wrong track, and that lifestyle – they do that 180 and turn their lives around and go on to live a full, happy, successful life.

    The others, they try — they see the light, they get clean for a bit, but they still surround themselves with bad people and the bad lifestyle that ends up leading them back in the wrong direction — and the next thing you know they’re dead.

    It’s up to the individual to decide if they want help or not …… and then it’s up to them to actually get that help and utilize it. You nor I can force them. That’s the sad part. Aside from locking them in a room 24/7 and watching everything they do for the rest of their life, that would be the only option, and we know that can’t be done. Very sad.

    One thing to remember – nobody but that person is responsible for their actions and what happens to them in the end. THEY made the first decision to do drugs or whatever evil they chose. THEY knew when they did it the FIRST TIME, that it was wrong and would never be a good thing for them. So whatever happens as an end result = TOTALLY THEIR DECISION AND TOTALLY THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

    Might sound harsh, but I’ve had too many people try and make ME feel bad because of THEIR problems and situation with drugs and alcohol. Never going to play that game again. If you want to do drugs or drink, or both, and end up dead, well, that’s YOUR fault, not mine. I won’t feel bad because I couldn’t stop you or feel to blame when you self-destruct.

  • szoszo

    JD you’re kind of beig an idiot. try a different approach and remeber, not everyone has the same story. you make it seem like they do and that makes me question your tremendous experience in the topic. some people need their hands held for the rest of their life and if there is someone with the resources to guarantee that then i think the offer should be taken and fulfilled. also cory was abusing substances since he was 13. how do you blame a 13 year old? where does “choice” and “knowing better” come into the picture for a 13 year old? instead of stomping your soapbox to death hug your loved ones and be greatful for them and don’t talk shit about addicts.

    rip, my sweet prince, see you on the midnight train going anywhere.

  • JD

    Hey szoszo – You don’t know me, you know nothing about me or the experiences I’ve had. So, first, fuck you. Second, a 13 year old makes choices. They know drugs are bad, they know right from wrong — they make the choice to take the first one. Stop making excuses. People like YOU who put this guy in his grave. YOU are the kind who enables a person right into their grave. I feel tremendously sorry for the people who need REAL help and have you to give them only what they ask for, and not what they need.

    So again, fuck off, and then go get some counseling of your own and learn about addicts and how their disease works. Might be able to actually help someone who needs it instead of making excuses for them, enabling them and sending them right into their grave.

    Lastly, next time you want to talk trash about someone you don’t know, learn how to use proper syntax, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling and paragraph structure. It might help to make you look a little less like a total douche….. but I doubt it.

    Have a nice day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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