Some Manwhoring Action to Start the Week

Chris Pratt Shirtless on Instagram

It’s so adorable when men are trying to justify the reason for his manwhoring. Perfect example – Chris Pratt showing off his hard work on Instagram with the caption “Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me”. Of course ‘someone else’ made you do it, but know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of manwhoring every now and then. I hope this is the end of Chris’s chunky spectrum because this doesn’t tickle anyone’s pickle.

Chris Pratt Shirtless on Instagram

  • Len

    THIS IS CHRIS PRATT????? Formerly chunky Chris Pratt?? Formerly (he looked like some Redneck) Chris Pratt??? He’s FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!

  • michael

    oh, wow. its gettin hot up in here. ….

  • Josh

    I like him, but I LOVE him as chunky Andy in P&R

  • Grog

    Prefer this version. Less fat on the face = more handsome

  • Paza65

    Wow! Looks like a less “pretty boy” version of Derek Theler. Nice work!

  • I’ll take him in any size or shape.

  • Jeremy

    I really think we need to re-evaluate chunky. His “chunky” photos are not that out of shape. You can see his abs in those photos. Yes, this new photo is amazing. Doesn’t look like the same guy, but he was just as hot before.

  • it’s hard to decide rather I like him better this way or as chubby Andy…I like them both and like them a lot.


  • Joe

    this is all due to his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it’s hot. it’ll be kind of weird when he’s randomly skinny on Parks & Recreation though

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