The Other Hemsworth Has Officially Arrived

Liam Hemsworth Shirtless in Paranoia

I’m sure “Paranoia” has a very interesting premise backed with the likes of Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, but in my little pervy world it will always be remembered as a bloody good exploit of Thor’s  younger brother Liam Hemsworth. There are so many pretty boys in Hollywood right now so the only way to stand out from the rest is to expose as much flesh as PG-13 allow. Watch the trailer, after the jump.

Liam Hemsworth Shirtless in Paranoia

Liam Hemsworth Shirtless in Paranoia

  • DoverDavid

    Can’t say either one of them does anything for me.

  • michael

    he’s nice. natural. not overdone. he could use some fur, but other than that, pretty ordinary

  • Christopher

    to Squarehippies-

    thanks for the post. Liam H. is my favorite type- a healthy hunky
    masculine pretty boy. also in reference to your remark about the
    PG-13 rating. being the avid moviegoer that i am i can say with
    authority that you can get a lot more into a PG-13 rating than most
    people think. its just that most directors and actors choose not
    to go the limit so to speak.

  • david

    Not impressed. Now Harrison is different. Always my perrinial favorite.

  • pickle

    So unimpressive. Especially his acting.

  • leir

    tiny suckable nipples

  • AriesMatt

    Liam is much more my type than Chris. Thinking this movie is going to launch him into the stratosphere.

  • Len

    GORG-GEOUS!!!!! PERFECT! thank you Square.

  • John

    Quite a divergence of opinion here. I think he’s cute enough, even without any body hair to speak of or incredibly well-defined abs. (Actually I can’t be too critical as his midsection is better toned than mine right now.) I appreciate that he hasn’t defaced his skin with tattoos.

    Acting ability is difficult to judge in the tiny bits afforded by the trailer. Admittedly, he comes across as rather young and innocent, but arguably that’s what the director wanted. It’s also what Wyatt would have wanted in the person he chose to use to worm his way into Goddard’s confidences. My only complaints are (a) he in no way sounds like he was raised in Brooklyn, and (b) the “Yale, actually” line. I didn’t sound snotty enough for a real-life Yalie.

  • Mark


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