Tim Pocock in Camp

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

NBC’s summer offering “Camp” is basically about a bunch of Australian actors doing good American accent, and Tim Pocock is one of them. I know he was born elsewhere but he’s pretty much Australian nonetheless and looks like he permanently lives in the pages of A&F catalogue. The major exploit happened in the second episode and personally I think I’m satisfied enough to stop watching – unless something really awesome being done to the Daley-ish Thom Green or Adam Garcia.

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

  • chris

    smooth? there’s some hair between his pecs.

  • FakeName

    He’s hot but the maintenance guy is incendiary.

  • pickle

    It’s funny how the majority of Dance Academy’s young cast is on this show in some capacity – small or large parts. Their American accents range from painful to acceptable.

  • len

    he’s GORGEOUS…..and I don’t care how good or bad his accent is.

  • http://shirtlessmenontheblog.blogspot.it/ Jair

    I love him!
    In Camp there are also Rodger Corser and Juan Pablo Di Pace that are not bad!

  • Matt

    I am not into S&M (stand and model).

  • michael

    he reminds me way too much of that tom daley guy square loves to plaster this place with sometimes.

  • SZK

    Wow, he’s cute! I need to watch this show.

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