Time for Some Silver Fuzz

John Schneider Shirtless in The Haves and Have Nots

It’s a fact of life (on this joint, at least) that silver fuzz is like oxygen – without it no one here can function properly. When Jair sent me these caps of silver gilded mature piece of beef that is John Schneider from “The Haves and the Have Nots”, it’s really like a surge of Alpine fresh air. I hate blatant network logos as much as the next person but Oprah is really taking a piss here because she should’ve known that it is illegal to block John’s fine pit hair.

John Schneider Shirtless in The Haves and Have Nots

John Schneider Shirtless in The Haves and Have Nots

John Schneider Shirtless in The Haves and Have Nots

  • Len

    I used to think that he was THE BOMB on Dukes of Hazzard…..now he looks like a fat ol’ thing.

  • mark

    Fuck Oprah and her stupid logo!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Square, His name is John SCHNEIDER not Scheider

    • @WannaBuyaDuck Was an honest typo – thanks for that!

  • Jim Steele

    He just gets better with age. Yum!

  • Mark

    No amount of beauty can make a right-wing fundie sexy. And flabby ol’ Mr. Schneider has lost the hotness he did have. Pass.

  • Tom

    I always thought he was so sexy hot. I did not know he was a right-wing fundy asshole.

  • kc

    Are those man boobs I see?

  • northalabama

    i always thought he was more “religious zealot” than a “right-wing fundie”, but what do i know?

    anyway, i hope i look as good when i’m his age. nothing wrong with growing old gracefully, i hope everyone has the chance.

  • eagander

    SEXY DADDY!! LOVE to lick those pits and play with his furry silver chest!!!!

  • Ted

    It’s important that we hate those whose political views differ from our own, isn’t it?

  • JD

    Right wing or religious – you girls know you’d get on your knees if he offered. So stop being wankers and interjecting your personal politics. Come here and look at the pics, otherwise jump off and shut -TF-up.

    The man was hotter then and is still hot now.! And his partner Tom Wopat, was hot too back in the day. And for 61, Wopat isn’t that bad looking now either.

    I’d ride on either of their “General Lee’s” any day!

  • “I’d ride on either of their “General Lee’s” any day!”

    ah ah too funny JD!
    Some here by the way!;)

  • Ok, he has gotten better with age. Before he was pretty. Now, he’s smoking hot.

  • Redboy70

    Yes! Yes! Oh, God yes! Since so many seem to think he’s unworthy of their attention, I’ll gladly give him a good home.

  • John

    Per the top picture on his wikipedia article, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Schneider_%28screen_actor%29, he still looked extremely good less than six years ago, even if that was with an assist from some hair coloring. I’m afraid he has packed on a few pounds since then. Now that he’s over 50, I guess that’s forgivable. Still attractive imho.

    I probably agree with 80% of his religious views, so I’m not joining in the hatefest on that score. Don’t know exactly what his politics are, but “right wing” (rare as that point of view may be on this site) is much better as far as I’m concerned than the alternative, which is statism.

  • Arthur


  • JD

    I think he looked his “mature” best as Clark Kent’s father in Smallville. Those were good years for him. Still hot though – I think having him sit up in the bed at that angle doesn’t do him justice. But the man is 53, not old by any means, but men get a little softer as they age, ALL OF US WILL (so shut up and deal) and that’s what we’re seeing here. Still doesn’t change the fact that I bet he has a big dick and is a helluva hot lover. I’d love to get with him.

    And speaking of aging well — Tom Welling, from Smallville — who knew he manned up so well with a few years on him. http://tinyurl.com/mjlanuj FUCKING HOT! Square, you need to revisit Tom one day soon….

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