Wake-up Call

Lawson Shirtless for Cosmo

This morning is brought to you by the four members of British boyband (manband?) Lawson getting naked for Cosmopolitan magazine. If drooling at Zayn Malik makes you feel like you should be on the sex offender’s list, then feast your eyeballs on Lawson’s frontman Andy Brown. Lawson is basically the One Direction for the Backstreet Boys / ‘N Sync generation. I know we’re probably too old for that either but at this age we get what we can take. By ‘we’ I really mean myself. I don’t give two fucks to be honest, because despite the lack of fuzz – these four are eternally invited to set camp on my rather empty nature reserve.

Lawson Naked for Cosmo Magazine

In case you give a damn, based on the picture below from left to right – Adam Pitts, Andy Brown, Ryan Fletcher and Joel Peat.

Lawson Shirtless

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