Wake-up Call

Thomas Jane

We thank the shirtless and pantless gods for the existence of this picture of Thomas Jane. NSFW-ish for your workplace but considering the number of times you see butt cracks around (and that’s BEFORE lunchtime) this should be fine. Just keep the gushing to the minimum, please. We don’t want to freak out Margaret in HR do we?

Thomas Jane

  • So good!!

  • Daknee

    This leaves me wanting more.

  • babyboy

    Miss that hot bod of Mr. James….

  • Love me some Thomas…..any shift of the day!

  • I can vaguely remember that you’ve posted this before, Square.

    • @bo_s I probably did. You have a much better memory than I do!

  • JD

    Favorite fantasy of all time – Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart, together, in my bedroom, taking turns fucking each other and THEN ME!

    And even though he denied it after, Thomas Jane’s story about hooking up with men down on Santa Monica Blvd for sex for a sandwich — FUCKING HOT!

  • lietz

    hairy forearms are my weakness…just like kryptonite…

  • Jake

    His arms <33333

  • DoverDavid

    Do I see a hint of fuzz covering that peach? Makes my mouth water.

  • @Square It’s hard for me to forget Thomas Jane.

  • rodthehorny

    Yup! I guess this is a re-post but still delivers. I remember this one came out from the series “Hung”. God I miss that one. (So Much)

  • scott

    JD – i totally agree with you regarding aaron eckhart (and TJ)
    lietz – as long as i can remember i’ve had an odd affinity for hairy and/or over-the-top forearms. they’re better than beefy biceps in most cases too

  • babyboy

    My Husband Thomas Jane no divorce….

  • Jasper

    His sweet little, slender fuzzy ass nearly pops off my 501’s buttons!!! He’s just lying there with his bare butt up as an open invitation! What a man!!!! Plus those SEXY lines on his forehead, melt melt melt me.

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