Crushing on Jason Thorpe

Jason Thorpe Shirtless

Every now and then, a true man gem like Jason Thorpe popped out of nowhere in some film you’d never watch and it’s a fucking delight. He has all I want in a man – hairy, salt and peppery, gym free, adorkable, and most importantly some of that suburban dad vibe which is lacking in Hollyweird today. And he’s British, that’s just added bonus. The screen time in “Fast & Furious 6” might be shorter than desired – but it has left SO much damage to libido so kudos to the person who wrote his part. Here’s to my new favourite actor and potential imaginary husband. I am in love and lust.

Jason Thorpe Shirtless

Jason Thorpe Shirtless

Jason Thorpe Shirtless

Jason Thorpe Shirtless

Jason Thorpe Shirtless

I just remembered where I saw him first and yes it was fucking love at first sight. Swoon.

  • k

    haha what. so now we know. square has a lazy eye fetish.

    when you’re in the bedroom is he looking at you or something behind you? who knows! that’s the fun. apparently.

  • DoverDavid

    He’s welcome over here any time.

  • danno

    imagine those eyes looking up at you while he’s got you all gobbled up 😉

  • Barny

    Yes…. i agree he is absolutely ADORKABLE !!

  • John

    Why is “gym free” an asset? Mr. Thorpe looks good enough in most respects, but he would be more attractive if he pared a few inches off that belly.

  • lietz

    delicious, like gravy on a piece of meat

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