Cub Appeal

Today is brought to you by a very shirtless Emile Hirsch airing his fur rug out in the sun at Fryman Canyon Park in Studio City, California. Emile never disappoints in the follicle department and his gym free body really adds up to the hotness. This is obviously done by his publicists to whore up his new film “Prince Avalanche” starring mah heavily mustachioed husband Paul Rudd and that is NOT a complaint so well done Emile’s publicists!

Credit: Just Jared

  • Len

    Lose 10-15 lbs, and ditch the face fuzz……then you’d be hot!

  • Christopher

    OH, Len. What a judgmental queen you be. I know I’d rather be with him then you. . .. .beauty being what it Truly Is.

  • Hot!!!

  • Boris

    I’m with Christopher on this one! And on Emile too, of course. He looks rather healthy, so I won’t complain about the curvaceous figure!

  • Len

    Christopher, are you a fat hairy fairy?

  • Mark

    He looks like he’s on the way to become the next Jack Black.Remember when Jack was younger like when he was on Mars Attack.

  • northalabama

    it’s nice to see a regular guy without his shirt, instead of an hgh and steroid infused body, after months of a restricted diet and daily 3 hour workouts.

    most of us try to look our best, but don’t have the money, time, or desire to put in what it takes to look like a greek god. and, frankly, it’s an unobtainable goal for many, no matter how hard we try.

    he looks great!

  • Ed M

    Nice….very nice. But it makes me feel like a dirty old man.

  • Boris

    Len, your last remark is totally uncalled for…

    We get it: you don’t appreciate guys like Emil Hirsch. But do you have to be such a mean-spirited individual?

  • michael

    i like him. nice, normal looking guy. plus, it looks like hes got some neck-breaker thighs. I LIKE THAT.

  • Len

    Boris…..a correction is in order. I LIKE Emile Hirsch. but I like an Emile Hirsch who is clean shaven….and loses the love handles. I don’t like beards (except for Van Dykes on the right guy).

  • SZK

    I would totally worship his body and cuddle with him looking just like that. He’s still sexy as hell.

  • Jeremy

    100% boyfriend material. A normal looking healthy guy. You guys who consider him overweight or out of shape really concern the shit out of me. There are young impressionable gay guys out there who need to know body image is okay. We don’t need anorexic, sickly young guys out there thinking this is overweight. He’s cute.

  • Jim

    I have never found Hirsch to be attractive till this posting. What a beautiful upper torso. I could cuddle with him and rub that furry, sweet-nippled chest of his to my heart’s desire. And I don’t care if I’m a dirty old man for expressing this :-).

  • I’m with you, Jim. This is actually the first time I find myself attracted to him.

  • Jim

    And amen to Jeremy!

  • natorganization

    @Len im glad you dont approve. cuz i do. i love the love handles, love the hair, love it all. hes a gorgeous man at any size and he’ll be much happier with me anyways. THANKS 😀

  • wmassguy

    SO damn hot just the way he is! WOOF!!

  • Tarc

    Wow, I’m surprised at the few posts from people that have become victims of the advertising machine. Hirsch is dead hot and in great shape for the 99.5% of human beings that have a life (that isn’t in the fitness industry).

  • Dave

    He is adorable, just my type, total cutie. OK, maybe a more tailored beard and the ugly shorts do nothing to show off his sexy legs. Woof!

  • zeth

    Oh man, he has a little bit of a belly, what a fatty. Seriously though, if you think he’s fat, you’re nuts. He’s really sexy to me.

  • Chris

    Why is Len so mean?
    Emile looks so sexy!! I don’t even see a belly or love handles. He looks like a man. Perfection is so boring 🙂

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