John Brotherton in True Love

John Brotherton Shirtless

When it comes to undiscovered furry hotness, you can always put Hollywood second and look elsewhere. “True Love” stars this hot piece John Brotherton of whom you probably have never heard of unless you’re a hardcore soap fan. Thanks to Jair for introducing me to this actor and from his list of work it looks like he has been working his ass of for the past few years and recently landed a role in “The Conjuring”. Like I always say, the only way from here is up (and hopefully stay untrimmed).

John Brotherton Shirtless

John Brotherton Shirtless

John Brotherton Shirtless

John Brotherton Shirtless

Also, this interview clip from “The Conjuring” featuring a pair of decent mustache does A LOT to me.

  • Ggrrrrr….owl! Normally such a handsome guy sans the sinister makeup…… unfortunately from other stills I’ve seen of him on his ‘Soap’ he’s totally shaved….such a shame. Thanx for the hot images Square!

  • Frank

    Wasn’t he the brother who had the girlfriend with the wack-job brother in 6 feet under?

  • Redboy70

    No, he was not on ‘Six Feet Under.’ That’s Peter Krause of ‘Parenthood.’ John Brotherton was recently Jared on the American soap ‘One Life to Live.’

  • Happy u like him!
    And thanks for the clip, love the mustache on him!

  • Tom


  • TrimmingIsACrime

    Oh God I am melting inside! He is HOT! no visible abs though

  • scott

    yessir indeed i love the moustackie on him…i thought i had given up on them for my own personal use but i have grown it back after twenty something years without one. ahh, the late 80s – what a time to be young and in lerve! thanks square job. you are the hottest by far. it’s our secret, okay?

  • lietz

    i feel something “conjouring” in my pants

  • Mark

    Nice Nips! 🙂

  • michael


  • DoverDavid

    Oh isn’t he yummy.

  • John

    Shaving that chest should be a crime.

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