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Aaron Taylor Johnson Shirtless in Mens Health

Today is brought to you by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in September issue of Men’s Health UK (via While he looks good being upside down (NOBODY looks good upside down), I can’t really tell whether it’s Aaron Taylor-Johnson or a stock Men’s Health mannequin without his shaggy curls. Either way, it’s a damn fact that you bitches aren’t going to be bothered looking at his hair because there’s more important matter to tend to up north. Am I right or am I right?

Aaron Taylor Johnson Shirtless in Men's Health UK

Aaron Taylor Johnson in Men's Health UK

  • Mark


  • JD

    Yawns are contagious ya know — see –> YAAAAAAWN. Same effect here.

  • Len

    while I don’t like upside down and sideways shots, he’s totally gorgeous!

  • Matt

    Looks great in that suit! I love a well-dressed man.

  • I’ll pass……can’t enjoy all that manscapin’……way too many of these clones out there. Prefer some texture (ie: body fuzz…even if it’s only their natural peach fuzz) which always gets me to visit & gawk for a while & appreciate their individuality! Thanx, as always for your posts Square!

  • Mark

    Look, kids. Another waxed gym bunny.

    Sorry, not into Ken dolls.

  • SZK

    I feel like his hair is just a bit too short. But otherwise he looks great – well-dressed, keeping in excellent shape.

  • Christopher

    Aaron T. J. is in A+ shape, his tone and definition is just right
    for his height and frame. but as already stated he looks way
    sexier with the curly mop of hair he’s had up to now. i believe
    he recently turned 23 so i guess he wants to look like an
    “adult” from now on which would account for the shorter hair.

  • Andy

    Thanks God he cut his hair at last. It’s embarassing how ugly he can be with awful long curly hair and how sexy he can become with short hair. I mean, men with long and/or curly hair are never sexy or handsome. He eventually understood it. Shaving is another problem here, but let’s proceed stepwise.

  • michael

    the only nice thing about the upside down shot is the upside down “basket” which, looks pretty darn impressive.

  • Chuck

    Plastic body, tweezed eyebrows. Meh. M-E-H. Meh.

  • pickle

    He did not age well. Sad that he peaked as a teenager. Now he looks like a roid case who constantly looks exhausted (probably because of all those kids he has).

  • Roberto

    @pickle meh i bet you’ve aged drastically yourself, I suspect you peaked too early and are just a bitter old queen. Stay pressed

  • pickle

    @ Roberto. I’m aging beautifully if I don’t say so myself. “Old queen”, though? Good job perpetuating the internalized self-hatred and misogyny thing that runs rampant throughout the male homosexual culture. All of that just to come to the defense of a male actor who doesn’t know you exist, and even if he did, wouldn’t care about your existence either? Get over your SELF.

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