Mono Hotness Alert

Jess Vill

The last time I’ve posted a model from French gay rag Sensitif, crotch dams were broken everywhere resulting in a massive flash flood of the panties. While I can’t guarantee the latest offering – fitness model Jess Vill will do the same, that dark smouldering (think Kevin from Backstreet Boys) look certainly gets the panty party going every single time. You could say it’s almost Eric Hanson-esque, click if you new to the name. Must be the lack of follicle (I suspect some depilation has taken place) or could be the unnecessary tatoo, but really the pair of almost mono brows on Jess makes up for everything. Now I know why I’ve always had a crush on Bert from Sesame Street.


Jess Vill Shirtless in Sensitif

Jess Vill Shirtless in Sensitif

Jess Vill Shirtless in Sensitif

Jess Vill Shirtless in Sensitif

Jess Vill Shirtless in Sensitif

  • mrboing

    Yawn…bring up the next mannequin…

  • REX

    He’s not so bad… All he has to do is trim that goatee down to a ‘stache and crotches will explode.

  • DoverDavid

    I first thought it was early Matt Dillon.

  • michael

    I LIKE. although, i wouldnt marry.

  • Boris

    The face is goodish… but there is too much wax on the chest, and the ink is unfortunate…

  • babyboy


  • All tho hair can grow back, I can’t enjoy totally waxed/shaved [didn’t even leave a nice trail]…..but that God-awful scar on his chest won’t just go away and that makes me sad… ‘nuf said.

  • sesame

    ernie is very fortunate to have such a hot roommate

  • pickle

    Surprisingly no. Not at all.

  • Warren

    I think he’s pretty hot, but I agree with the previous comments that his chest looks too waxed. His pit hair looks trimmed too. But still — he’s pretty hot. I appreciate the post.

  • JD

    the guy

  • JD

    The last guy you posted from Sillyself french magazine was hot, natural, sexy, real.

    This guy – just a very stereotypical gay male version of what the stereotypical, mainstream gay male community thinks is hot… Plucked, picked, packed, waxed, shaved and shined. NOT attractive in this form.

    Let’s see him without the silly facial hair. Let’s see him with the real patterns of his body hair — let’s see him as a REAL guy…. and THEN, I’d bet your next paycheck, he’d look good enough to eat!

  • J.

    What makes this website so great is that I avoid seeing guys who look like that. He’s soooo unattractive.

    Please Square, never again.

  • Ray

    Gross! This site is where I come to see NATURAL guys, not A&F mannequins!

  • Gary Wilson

    Hot, hot, hot!! Such fantastic eyes! I could go for more facial (and chest) hair. I’d take him as is, tho, even with that tat.

  • Joey

    He’s really hot and has an amazing bulge in the speedo!!!

  • Jess Vill

    Whats your problèm guys!!!
    If you don’t like my face or my body why you Publish me WiTHOUT my agreement?

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