How Does This Make You Feel?

Ryan Kwanten with Moustache

It seems like some “True Blood” manwhores are trying out other looks which might work for your libidos. Here’s Ryan Kwanten with a new haircut and light stache at the Toronto International Film Festival this week. I really don’t know what to feel – between this and Joe Manwhore-jello shaving his face pubes off earlier this month, I think I’ll go with Ryan because if that stache gets any thicker then he will get the permanent resident visa in my crotch.

  • JD

    No no no no, Ryan!

    No no no no, Joe!

    This does NOT work, my dudes.

    What the hell are you thinking?!

    OMG. Idiots. You don’t “fix” what isn’t broken! Geez…..

  • Wayne

    Agree with JD, but if square was to ever do a post of viewers, I think JD’s pic should be first.

  • DoverDavid

    Eh, pass.

  • babyboy

    Ryan looks cute either way Joe looks older like his old look better…..

  • FakeName

    The stache is all right but clear that shit off the lower lip. And find a suit that fits.

  • Ray

    Both are really MEH! Joe because his face isn’t the only thing he shaves and that is just SO NASTY when men shave their bodies, and Ryan cause he’s too wiry and his body hair is weird and patchy. Give me more natural looking guys ANY DAY!

  • Critifur

    And I felt nothing…… la la. lol

  • JD

    @Wayne- Awww, you’re sweet.

    One more comment about Ryan’s look — this makes him look older. It is not age flattering at all.

  • Mark

    Ryan is trying to make himself look older and wiser.It doesn’t work for him at all!He is only as good as his last shirtless pictures!The same thing goes to Joe and every manwhore in Hollywood.Let’s be honest,you guys only famous for your face and body!It doesn’t matter how good your acting talent is,when you start in that direction you will always be known best for that only!

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    No no no no NO!
    Joe, GROW. IT. BACK! You are a shame to my crotch!
    Oh and Ryan dear, you look beautiful! grow it longer baby!

  • michael

    WTF? that look is wrong in so many ways, i dont know where to start.

  • tothepowerof

    Just give that mustache a few more weeks. Damn, bambi boy got all growded up! FMD

  • frab

    i would unload with both types of lips wrapped around my tubesteak

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