Relight My Fire

Patrick from Midwest Firefighters Calendar

Let’s start the week off with the furry delegate of Midwest Firefighters Calendar of St Paul, Minnesota (via Kenneth). Patrick here is 25 and his hobbies are brewing beer and woodworking (what else). He acknowledged the fact that he was born with a full chest hair, which is amazing considering the scarcity of hirsute babies out there. Anyways, the calendar season has officially begun so all the manwhores are out getting their kits off for charity – except Tom Daley because being the advance professional boywhore that he is, the 2014 calendar was out last month.

Patrick Shirtless on Midwest Firefighters Calendar 2014

Patrick Shirtless on Midwest Firefighters Calendar 2014


I just want to live in the 90s FOREVER.

  • Well damn. That makes me wanna set something on fire and wait.

  • alexander

    i want to have deep meaningful sex with every single one of those firefellas. one at a time or all at once it does not matter!

  • Basilico

    Holy smoke!

  • Brody

    What is it about firefighters?

  • DoverDavid

    I’d set my place on fire just to have him arrive and find me in distress!!

  • babyboy

    Now I am on FIRE baby…..

  • Bob

    First time I downloaded a pic from this sight. he can smile without opening his mouth!

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    Damn, he already burned my crotch to crisp!

  • karmalyse

    Yay, firefighters.

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