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Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

This morning is brought to you by Tim Pocock in “Camp” courtesy of reader Justin. Might not up to everyone’s taste (of course you can’t please every crotch in the world at the same time), but for that chiseled jaw I would brave the mud, mosquitos and several potentially deadly reptiles. I know there’s plenty of beefcakes on that show but the one who really needs to be exploited is Adam Garcia. Now that’s just a waste of naturally hot resource.

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

Tim Pocock Shirtless in Camp

  • Justin

    Hot piece of Aussie beef, but I’m pretty sure his name is Tim Pocock 🙂

    • @Justin Forgive my senile ass. Thanks for that!

  • I like this show…..pure escapism, funny & yes, beefcake ( & I agree…Adam Garcia is a lost treasure….he was awesome in ‘Bootmen’, ‘Coyote Ugly’……wish he was featured in more projects). Only wish Tim Pocock (I imagine he took a lot of teasin’ in school with that name) wasn’t so severely manscaped…..you can see all that fuzziness just itchin’ to come out! BTW: the screencaps here were part of a 3-some adventure…..Tim was so wide-eyed; simply adorable!

  • AriesMatt

    I was also coming to comment on how he did a 3-way with a French guy and girl and came out of the tent the morning after smiling and feeling very accomplished. Thank you NBC!

  • Len


  • michael

    he’s pretty, but not really my type. but i can appreciate beauty in its many forms

  • rockclub

    hummna hummna boner

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