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Recent Freddie Prinze Jr. Shirtless

Here’s a very shirtless and very shaved Freddie Prinze Jr. in Lifetime’s new series “Witches of East End” (via E!). Yes, I would so be all over that but most importantly this is like a mini Christmas for my ass because I’d do anything to bring the 90s back into my life. Now excuse me while I put on “She’s All That” for the 10232th time then listen to “Kiss Me” on a loop to sleep. Freddie Prinze Jr. was my EVERYTHING!

Freddie Prinze Jr. Shirtless in Witches of East End

  • Boris

    That is about the hairiest I ever saw him, chest-wise… But, then again I don’t follow his carreer…

  • ghostieX8

    He’s tall and got more muscular. I love it.
    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed at all 😉

  • I think he looks great for a near-40 guy. He’s always been on the low side of hairiness so I don’t think he’s doing much shaving and waxing, except the mono-brow he’s always had to fuss over.

  • Daknee

    Still looks good for his age.

  • Tom

    Oh, I love the comment: “I think he looks great for a near-40 guy.” Like what, that’s some sort of a geezer? Really? This guy has a killer body and arms. The face not so. Yeah, I’d do ‘im 🙂

  • I like him more now. No more pretty face, just pure DILF.

  • babyboy

    See Freddie has a lil more meat on his bones now…

  • Eric

    He is fucking hot! He has transformed from the pretty boy to absolute DILF, which I love! He isn’t as hairy as I’d like, but I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed!

  • szoszo

    FREDDIE PRINZE DADDY!!!! oh my god!!!! he needs to let his chest hair grow out, he’s a silver fox now! the 90s are over and i don’t mind for sure!!!

  • hairystud

    Dear Jesus above, this guy is what I fantasize about whenever I see a DILF on the street or in a store. Amazing. If I kidnap him and ban the razor for 3 weeks, his chest will be amazing.

  • Jeff

    Kellan Lutz is very hot indeed!

    You need to take a look at Robbie Arnell

    New hot guy on the CW; “The Tomorrow People.”

    Very hot indeed. Lot of shirtless-ness on the first episode!

  • tom

    he may have gotten a tad older but he is still a HUNK!!

  • Chuck

    He may be pretty hairless, but thank god he’s not marred by a lot of trailer trash tattoos.

  • tothepowerof

    That’s the best!
    Only one improvement could be made.

  • hairystud

    @Chuck – so true re. not being marred by trailer trash tattoos. In his heyday, he would have had a barbed wire encircling one of his biceps. I am convinced that a barbed wire tattoo is the one medication scientifically proven to counteract Viagra.

    Funny story a few weeks ago – a Chinese friend and I were walking down the street – we saw a guy with a Chinese character tattoo. I asked my friend what the tattoo said. His response: “Douchebag”

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  • Arthur

    So glad he has not gotten any nasty tattoos!

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