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Gordon Ramsay Shirtless on Twitter

Like Gordon’s pecs and everything else in this picture, I feel deflated. In about a week I will be finally done with all this traveling shit and will resume normal posting. In the mean time, you can indulge in this shot of Gordon Ramsay getting his (shaved) nipples out on Twitter. It’s not like I’m not going to hit this at least twice a day, but somehow I much prefer his prior succulent man tits because having a scrawny guy shouting “donkey” at you during sexy times is just plain wrong.

Gordon Ramsay Shirtless on Twitter

  • Scot

    Still the grossest person on the planet!

  • JD

    Bet his son is just as much of a prick as he is. Just a little prick in-waiting.

    I can’t stand Gordon Ramsay – he’s an overbearing, selfish, self-centered, condescending, holier-than-thou, ignorant ASSHOLE.

    I’m done now.

  • Boris

    This *person* is a sorry excuse for a human being… self centered and egotistical… (I know those word are kinda synonymous…)

    I wish his ego would deflate like the rest of his body…


    I wish his body would deflate to the point of non existence…

  • Vlaovik

    Just about the least sexy thing I can imagine.

  • Okcspooge



    actually, and i know this is so psychologically wrong, but i find overbearing, egotistical men most exciting in the kip. i wouldnt marry one, but stricktly for fun, oh yeah. i like an attitude.

  • Autechre

    Vomit-inducingly foul.

  • Milton

    Usually, if I don’t like someone who’s posted on this site,I say nothing, because I figure someone somewhere else does. But as I stated before on a previous Gordon Ramsey post, he’s vile! The adjectives used by people in the previous comments says it all.(except Michael’s) Please don’t waste space on this creature anymore. I’d rather see bare-breasted women here before I see another Ramsey post.

  • I love everyone judging him by his appearance on Hell’s Kitchen in the US. He’s amped up to 11 on that show – he’s a supportive, kind-hearted dude when he’s not being the character he plays for US television. He’s nowhere near that nasty even on the UK version of Hell’s Kitchen. (Especially lol at some dude judging his SON based on Gordon’s attitude on a reality television show! So fucking moronic!)

    But ew, gain some weight back and fill that skin out, dude!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    He sure is repulsive.
    And the guys posting here need to express how they REALLY feel.

  • Mark

    Look at him,he thinks he is hot.What a delusional douche!The even bigger asshole than him would be that bald Italian chef with him on Masterchef!That bitch is literally asking to get his ugly ass kicked someday!!

  • cc

    I love Gordon Ramsay. Sexy. Sophisticated. Take no prisoners kind of mentor/teacher. I don’t know a single Chef who didn’t far surpass their own expectations of themselves after working under or with him.

  • DoverDavid

    Scary photo and just in time for Halloween.

  • Mike

    Ramey is hideous to look at and a pretty big piece of shyte. The concensus here seems to overwhelmingly support that.

    @Anne Noise, your comment is about as stupid and trivial as your try at cleverness for a username. Epic fail on your part. If the guy were so genuine and caring and honest and all that happy horseshit you said he is, (LOL at that) then he’d be doing something other than “pretending” to be the biggest prick in the world on a horrible TV show. P.S., look at the kid in the picture, like father like son as JD stated, prick in waiting. Gordon Ramsey wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Esp lol, but you just keep on believin’, if that’s what makes you feel better about yourself.

  • Eric

    What an odd body he has. I just don’t even know what to say about it. It’s so weird.

  • Paul

    As Dorothy Spornak once said, “I could vomit just looking at him”

  • barf

    when did cycling shorts become beachwear??!

  • Chuck

    Yuck, yuck, and yuck. Hideous and a miserable person. I hope he chokes on one of his own vile dishes. A British chef – puhleeze!

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