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Ben Cohen Shirtless for 2014 Calendar

I know I’ve been absent for ages, but I am 10 million percent sure that this clip of St. Ben whoring out his calendar will make up for it. Ben Cohen’s dedicated exploitation team know what’s important so panties off to the lead sprayer because it is a fact of lust that moisture and chest hair are the best of friends. This is all for charity of course, but apart from the inner wall of my crotch I’m still not sure which wall in the house you hang these beefcake annuals. It’s a mystery!

Ben Cohen Shirtless for 2014 Calendar

Ben Cohen Shirtless for 2014 Calendar

Ben Cohen Shirtless for 2014 Calendar

Ben Cohen Shirtless for 2014 Calendar

Ben Cohen Shirtless for 2014 Calendar

  • Ramjet

    And, amazing, there are no ugly tattoos to mar that wonderful body.

  • Boris

    Saint Ben Cohen will never be wrong! I could watch him all day and night, especially at night!

  • frab

    excuse me while i get some lube…

  • David Hollingsworth

    Everything that a perfect man should be. A face to look at all day long. A sexy, hairy, tattoo-less body to dream about, and a smile that will give you every kind of shiver. Plus, he is one of our greatest straight allies, so 100% kudos, and I’m so proud to have him on our side.

  • Jake

    Ben Cohen……. Making loads shoot out of guys everywhere 😉

  • JD

    Gotta agree with @Jake – Ben has THE POWER! He’s gotten many loads out of me for sure!

    Definitely what one would find under the term “perfect male specimen” in a medical dictionary.

  • Kev

    Had to post

    He is simply amazing.
    Would love to meet him someday,
    just to say I was in the presence
    of such a beefcake!

    He has the smile, the body,
    the hair, and the charm that you
    can’t make, but are born with.

    So, so, so, the perfect man!
    Wasted on the ladies : (

  • Len


  • Tom

    The man is a GOD!

  • DoverDavid

    Lick, lick.
    Yum, yum.
    When’s Ben
    Gonna show us
    His dick n bum?

  • cutler

    good god he is awesome!!

  • rodthehorny

    I will be satisfied just smelling his used underwear (preferably “briefs” please!)

  • rockclub

    I want this to love all night long

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