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Half of Me Hotties

File this under “things you find at the back of my brain”. Geri Halliwell still exists and making music – and she has managed to project some weird and bizarre things (read: wonderful) in her music video for “Half of Me”. The song is some serious 90s pre-Spice Girls breakup realness (which is basically awesome), but it’s really not what everyone’s talking about. Geri has successfully combined my love for various kinds of men and stuffed animals in 3 and half minutes clip. Watch it after the jump, and to answer your question – yes I would to all of them.

Half of Me Hotties

Half of Me Hotties

Half of Me Hotties

  • WIlliam

    who are the shirtless hunks in the video?

  • szoszo

    who is the dude with the boxing gloves??? seems so familiar!

  • Len

    No. 1) hunk on the left
    2) both of ’em
    3, 4 & 5) the hunk on the left
    6) both
    7 & 8) the hunk on the left
    9) both
    10) the hunk on the left

  • K

    Len, honey, couldn’t you have spared us the list by simply writing “NO FAT NO OLD”? You don’t have to be so circuitous; we all know how high your standards are!

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