27 Survivor Seasons Later…

Jeff Probst Shirtless in Two and a Half Men

This shot of Survivor host Jeff Probst getting naked on “Two and a Half Men” (via Today) takes me back to the time I was frantically searching for his peen shots on the interwebs back in the early noughties. Even the slightest show of skin gave me the tingles back then. I’m not sure if he has found the fountain of youth during one of his Survivor travels, but HOLY FUCKING HELL this man is 52. Yes, fifty fucking two and your great grandchildren will be watching him hosting Survivor: Neptune in 2101 looking exactly the fucking same. Having said that, there is never a reason to look like a plucked chicken is there? A little fuzz goes a long way!

Jeff Probst Shirtless in Two and a Half Men

  • JD

    He’d look less his age if he’d stop shaving his body hair. He’s a good looking man with a genetically perfect masculine build, why would he pluck every last hair from it?

    And I still don’t believe those nude pics are really of him. (NSFW)

  • michael

    i always thought he was just sex on a stick.

  • Mark

    It looks terrifyingly like he’s completely done away with even his pubes. No matter how hot a guy is, that just creeps me out.

  • DoverDavid

    I agree with JD, drop the razor n look like a man.

  • Len

    I think HE’S HOTT! He IS a man. Not everyone wants a 2 legged grizzly bear as a partner/ boy toy/etc.

  • eagander

    Looks like he’s had the face tightened too.

  • jad

    JD, I actually think it is him…I have seen him at the gym a few times and the body hair pattern looks like him, the thing around his neck and cord around his wrist look right and I got a few really good looks at his cock cause he was standing naked in front of a long mirror combing his hair and I was sitting (dick level)3 feet away so that looks right. To bad you can’t see his ass…it is awesome with lots of hair flowing perfectly out of his butt crack.
    I too wish he would not shave down cause he really looked fantastic with it. Maybe its that new wife of his that is demanding it. Bummer if thats the case.
    Believe me, I have had many nasty dreams and j/o’s about him since I saw him (it is inblazed in my head) so I really do think it is him.

  • Len

    I forgot to add that I really am thankful to Square for not showcasing so many fat people! Not to mention the hairy ones – UGH! LOL

  • Brody

    Always thought he was super hot. He has a rockin’ body.
    Would be a lot nicer if he kept the hair, but…
    I. So. Would.

  • rex

    i want to have deep meaningless sex with this dude

  • keoghan

    http://shechive.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/wet-men-14.jpg (Link as SFW as the rest of this site.)

  • Boris

    Yup, it’s official: body shaving/waxing/depilation makes you look older, much older!!!

  • Vlaovik

    Great body for his age which is also my age….I think as he gets older though his unique facial features are getting more exaggerated and less attractive. Stil though, I’d certainly do it. He lays strikes me as a endowed guy, ya know. Bu the nsfw pics strike me as odd and probably not him. Two reasons. 1 the body definition and chest hair seem quite different despite th two angles. 2 . In he first puc he’s wearing a prominent necklace and he has a watch on. In the head cropped pic the watch is gone and the necklace is less obvious. Same setting and all but odd that he,d remove th watch for the cropped picture. The wristband, watch and string necklace are always worn on survivor.

  • Zane McGuire

    No doubt he’s still hot, but he DOESN’T look the same. He was much sexier when he had SOME body fat, a bit of fur and didn’t have that sun-drenched leather look. Also, I can’t with the surgically enhanced dimples. Seriously, go back and look at his early Survivor seasons or watch him on Rock and Roll Jeopardy on Youtube. The dude had cute, natural dimples, that have since been massively exaggerated.

  • rodthehorny

    Now this really turns me off (and somehow gross me out)!!! Come on what happen to this guy? I do admire the old look at him and I am sure many of you out there agrees. Jeff Probst needs a wake up call and maybe just maybe he will sort this.

  • rodthehorny
  • brad

    nobody wants to address the elephant, er, pig in the room?

    did you see that plate of bacon he is holding? I like him hairier and I love the dimples and all; but, that bacon has a better chance of filling me up and making me feel loved than jeff ever will.

  • Brody

    Vlaovik – I agree about those 2 other NSFW pics… There is one thing in those pics which seems to much bigger in one than in the other.
    Also, they just look ‘shopped.

  • Joey

    He is sooooo hot! Amazing!!!

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