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Nick Jonas Shirtless

Yes, I’m going to pull that card from now on but it’s all in good fun because it seems like Nick Jonas has decided he’s not friends clothing anymore. These are from “Hawaii Five-0” capped by Superherofan. Zac… you in danger girl – better step it up a notch or Nick will climb his way ahead of you on the Hollywood manwhoring ladder!

Nick Jonas Shirtless on Hawaii Five-0

Nick Jonas Shirtless on Hawaii Five-0

Nick Jonas Shirtless on Hawaii Five-0

Nick Jonas Shirtless on Hawaii Five-0

Nick Jonas Shirtless on Hawaii Five-0

  • Tony

    He definitely has some potential! He has that innocent-come-hither-boy-next door look that you keep sneaking a few glimpes at while attending his parent’s barbaque.

  • Sam
  • Lenny

    the REALLY GORGEOUS Jonas brother!!!

  • michael

    he has potential. he has the boy next door thing right now. i personally, want the man next door.

  • DoverDavid

    Him, Zac n Charlie McDermott need to have a chest-patch, tummy trail competition.

  • Len

    He needs to shave that gross little wisp of chest hair and lose about 20 more lbs!! Otherwise he’s HOTT!!!

    • Lee Mun Lim

      why do you say little wisp of chest hair? I would say it needs to get more hair on there but give it time

  • rockclub

    why did he start taking off his clothes when Scott Caan and that other dude went into his bedroom? is this a show I should be watching?

  • Rapha

    Nice. very nice.

  • SZK

    We get it Len – you’re a pedophile-to-be who likes his men looking like sickly 12 year olds. Now please stop with your ridiculous comments and unrealistic expectations.

  • JD

    Once I got through with little Nicky Jonas, he’d never want to put his clothes back on or leave my room, ever. 😉

  • Lenny

    1. SZK…..Len is a troll who attacks me for my opinion(notice I said MY OPINION).
    2. I didn’t know that Squarehippies was the OFFICIAL CHANNEL for Bear Lovers. I assumed that it was a channel simply to love male actors, singers Bear OR not.
    3. I.M.O.; bears should only be appreciated in the woods and from a distance!

    • szoszo

      No. You are very, very, wrong and you should not visit this site anymore because you are clearly missing its point. Squarehippies is a site appreciating all and every kinds and LEGAL ages of the male body, from small to big, from young to old, and from hairy to hairless, with a bit of an aversion to synthetic beauty, which is the product of steroids, razors, and plastic surgery. The favourites on this site are the natural, guy next door types and yes we also do adore bears with hair and bellies OR with defined muscles and have ALWAYS adored them. The visitors and contributors of this site have ALWAYS been against male body hair removal. I have absolutely no idea where the actual fuck you got the info from that that is not the case here. We have been trying to tell you the same thing for months now and you have gotten more defensive and rude ever since. When in the name of all that is holy will you finally get it through your thick skull that even if that wasn’t the case THIS SITE DOES NOT EXIST TO SPECIFICALLY CATER TO YOUR NEEDS. We couldn’t care less about your opinion man. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE POST, DON’T COMMENT ON IT or do it so with a grain of respect, it actually is that simple.

      All of this brings me to one simple conclusion: you are a troll and you should have been banned AGES ago. Everybody and their mom knows you are ruining the fun for most of us here. Thanks buddy.

  • K

    Settle down, Len/”Lenny”, and head back to Abercrombie & Fitch. You need your daily fix of prepubescent twinks, don’t you?

    Also, IMO: I’d rather bed a hot bear than a sourpuss like you. JUST MY OPINION OMG DON’T YELL AT ME FOR IT!!!!

  • Dee

    Not as hot as Joe but I like looking at him.

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