Happy Thanksgiving!

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen Shirtless in Bound 4

Because this is such a shit economy, Zac Efron and Seth Rogen (mainly Seth Rogen) are giving you bitches extra meat on the table just in case there’s not enough – not that there will ever be enough of manbeef to be had. The marketing minions for the film “Neighbors” should really get an award because they have never stopped whoring out Zac’s tight body and this time it’s a teaser for “Bound 4” following this hot mess posted on Instagram (we can only hope). This is the only sequel that needs to happen. Wherever you are in the world, have a very happy thanksgiving!

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen Shirtless in Bound 4

  • shoshino jonas

    The trolling aspect of comments on this site (which both Lenny & Len do with gusto) is both unnecessary and childish, and neither is appreciated (regardless of the “freedom of speech” plea) ……….if you don’t like the man, there’s simply no need to comment. It’s not like he is going to change his physique just because you’re unhappy about it.

    Grow up and stop being haters……..don’t gay men get enough of this crap from the rest of the world? Why do we have to give it back??

  • jimbo

    They are both hot in different ways. Enough said.

  • Let me get a chair for this…

  • michael

    shoshino jonas: you are correct. gay people can be some of the shallowest people on the planet. basic insecurity? who knows.
    on to more pleasant subjects……. does anyone but me think zac efron and matt bomer look alot a like?

  • lenny

    Michael, we’re no more shallow than straight people. Think that middle aged straight guys would look at Playboy if there were equally middle aged, fat, flabby naked women in their centerfolds. Unless they were fetishists(ie…..chubby chasers) the answer is no. We all love solid, supple…..YOUTH. We’d be liars if we denied that. We might be gay but WE’RE STILL MEN, and we secretly prefer our IDEAL to the partners we currently have (we ALL want our cake and eat it too….. with whipped cream). Now, if Squarehippies had said that it was the website for BEARS and CHUBBY CHASERS it would be not only honest, but I probably wouldn’t be here. I’d go to Superherofan.

  • K

    It’s all clear to me now: LEN IS FAT AND OLD! These little bits of verbal diarrhea we get to read regularly are actually the result of a combination of self-loathing and dementia!

    Len, you are neither a psychologist nor very intelligent. Don’t claim that there exist universal preferences among men when you’ve shown us nothing but a shallow, myopic, clumsily-typed worldview. You know neither my ideals nor my secret desires; don’t pretend as though you do.

    Are you actually that Abercrombie & Fitch CEO?

  • lenny

    Lenny is middle aged(55) and average weight. I DID NOT know that Squarehippies was the OFFICIAL BEARS CHANNEL. If I had known that this was a FETISHIST site, I’d have IGNORED IT!

  • szoszo

    to all the shallow haters who call this site fetishistic: body positivity and the love of “imperfect,” average body types is not a crime and there’s nothing fetishistic about it, thank you very much, if there’s anything fetishistic here it’s your obsession with the flawless, godlike, FAKE male body manufactured by marketing teams in the name of profit. good luck on nurturing those body image issues you are forcing on yourself as we speak. i can’t believe we got to the point where you are called a pervert for liking how people look in real life, while the norm is to desire bodies that are this far removed from reality.

  • lenny

    There is a difference between a John Krasinski who has that cute smudgen of baby fat……and a FAT SETH ROGAN. I should know, as I was a hugeo who now has borderline type 2 diabetes and has dropped weight for my health. We are a country that EATS TOO MUCH and accepts that as a normal way of life. The Fetishist part is the HAIRY GUYS aspect of this site. As I said before…..If I knew that this was an OFFICIAL BEARS CHANNEL, I’d have ignored it. For me, Bears belong in the woods.

  • lenny

    PS,szoszo, Kevin McHale is DEFINITELY NOT godlike

  • K

    Ah, the loudest of sanctimonious body fascism certainly tends to come from former fatties, eh? Len, get help.

    By the way, in my capacity as a longtime reader, I am declaring this beautiful oasis of a site the “OFFICIAL BEARS CHANNEL (among other things)”. Accordingly, Len, you’re no longer welcome. Go away before we gluttonous, hairy beasts give in to our primitive urges and maul you. Don’t forget your wax, tweezers, leg warmers and rice cakes.

  • THX 1980

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • lenny

    1. Rice cake taste great with jam.
    2. I’d NEVER wax…..Nair for me baby!
    3. Leg warmers are ugly.

  • shoshino jonas

    Let’s all please stop this idiotic banter……………Lenny has the right to his opinion and we all have the right to think he’s an ass. Just ignore him and don’t feed into his incessant desire for PR and attention. Hopefully the “law” of this site will block his (former) and wrinkled fat ass soon and we will be spared his sad diatribe on what HIS ideal physical traits are in men.


  • JD

    Come on Square, if you’re reading the comments these days, time to step in. It’s out of control and taking away from your site. I enjoy reading the legitimate comments from the other guys about their views on whatever person you have chosen to post. Now it’s just back and forth whining and bitching. You’re going to lose viewers of your site if you don’t act now.

  • @JD Yes, I am reading every comment on this site. If this continues in the coming posts then I will definitely put an end to this trolling crap. Til then, just don’t feed them too much!

  • Joey

    I want Seth Rogen so bad! I have wanted him since seeing his wonderful butt in Knocked Up! He is so hot!

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