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James Franco Shirtless on Instagram

Today is brought to you by the upper half of Guys with iPhones-esque selfie posted by James Franco on Instagram. James is a well known stunt whore so this is hardly surprising but what I really like about this shot is he looks like… the rest of us! Actually, he looks like that guy I was stalking for weeks on Grindr. You know when you tag favourite on a guy and suddenly he magically disappears? Yes, like breathing, that is a common occurrence in my life. Those bitches! Anyway, he really should post the bottom half because that’s really what the kids are doing nowadays.

James Franco Shirtless on Instagram

  • Mark

    He’s a pretty boy and he knows it.At least he looks like he’s been taking a shower here because sometimes he looks unwashed and dirty.

  • chris

    this is the most chest hair that i have ever seen on him! someone take away his razor!

  • kj

    I’ve never understood the attraction to this guy.

  • lietz

    hubba hubba, get me some lube and bend over boy…

  • Len

    Too much chest hair! UGH! I can’t believe how sloppy hairy men just let themselves go like this!! What’s next, obesity?? No offense!!

  • Boris

    He should smile more!

  • Lenny

    sorry Len, but 1…..I’m the real deal, 2…..James Franco is GORGEOUS! 3. you’re just a cheesy sarcastic bitch! Have a nice day 😛

  • DoverDavid

    He does nothing for me.

  • Len

    @”Lenny” – Yeah, right, honey! I bet you’re actually some 500 lb hairy so-called “bear”!! No offense! If you want the real deal (you know, someone who actually keeps himself looking great, youthful and hairless) I’m the Len you want, sugar. <3

  • jad

    Len something is very wrong with you. Plus you are probably an inconsiderate asshole to anyone who does not come up to your outward standards. You should really be ashamed of yourself…shame on you!!!! There is more to a person then what you see on the outside. Lets see you in 30 or 40 years (if you don’t piss someone off and get stabbed to death before then)…you are either to young or to stupid to know that MIZZ Karma is a MEGA bitch to shits like you. Grow the hell up dude and think for 30 seconds before you open your stupid mouth and get yourself, someday, into real trouble!!!! IDIOT!!

  • K

    Well said, jad. I’m pretty sick of Len coming in and spreading negativity. He’s been doing this for quite a long time and it’s getting to be really annoying.

  • babyboy

    Luv me some Jimmy Franco….

  • JD

    Come on out of that closet there, Jimbo — those doors aren’t padlocked, hun. We know you want to. Bust through and be free! Everyone already knows… Kinda like Sean Hayes apologizing to his fans for not telling the truth sooner about his gayness. LOL — Yeah, like nobody DIDN’T KNOW.

    So come on out James, your fans are waiting.

  • rockclub

    don’t know if I can pump with a dude who will be so out of it because of all his midnight tokin

  • babyboy

    More Freakness from James….

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