Oh Hai There, Brett Dalton

Brett Dalton Shirtless for People Magazine

It’s that time of the year again where People magazine comes out with their Sexiest Manwhores Alive list and yes it’s the same bloody boring predictable PR mess with Adam Levine at the top (of course I’d still – don’t be daft). This post is not about Adam Levine, but a new delectable manbeef who happens to be on the list and his name is Brett Dalton. Brett stars in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and he is nicely exploited in this behind the scene of the shoot on YouTube. Probably came from the same gene pool as Dave Annable and Luke MacFarlane. Thanks to Brian for this!

Also here’s Scott Foley but sadly with his shirt on. WHAT IS THE POINT OF KEEPING THE SHIRT ON EXACTLY.

  • Lenny

    Brett is F****’n GORGEOUS!

  • Am I the only one who listens to these sorts of interviews intently to catch the pronouns used to describe what they find sexy? Brett passes the quiz handily with gender-neutral expressions like “this person” and “anybody” and “somebody” …and in his last comment when he’s trapped himself into either saying he or she, switches up the direction with “you can have.”

    Smart cookie, not alienating fans of any gender or orientation!

  • Connell

    Brett Dalton has arrived ladies and gentlemen. Definitely going to need some alone time with this one;) Here’s hoping the next shirtless pics aren’t far away!

  • Rob

    So fucking hot. I many need to start watching Shield, I just hope he gets his top off enough to make watching that mess worth it;)!!!!

  • Len

    Get this man in my bed stat!

  • Thank you so much for these videos!!

  • Tom

    Oh brother. I don’t find any of them appealing.

  • michael

    i think brett is really nice looking. scott, not so much. but i just get sooo tired of this blushing, false modesty crap. no one goes to the time, effort, trouble to look like that for no reason. they look like that because they KNOW they’re attractive. they WANT the attention. so, guys, plz, if your hot, then just man up and say so. stop with the blush, and the little head tilt and the little grin. you look that way for a reason and everybody knows it.

  • Warren

    Love Brett Dalton on Shield, and he had a shirtless scene in the episode this week. He looked hot. Then for some reason he put a sweat shirt on to hit the punching bag. Go figure.

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