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Greg Kinnear Shirtless in Stuck in Love

The fact is Greg Kinnear has grown into one hot scruffy DILF over the years and it is a blessing to see him getting shirtless on screen. These are from “Stuck in Love” and there’s nothing I want to do right now than getting stuck in bed with Greg for eternity. You saw that coming.

Greg Kinnear Shirtless in Stuck in Love

Greg Kinnear Shirtless in Stuck in Love

Greg Kinnear Shirtless in Stuck in Love

Greg Kinnear Shirtless in Stuck in Love

Greg Kinnear Shirtless in Stuck in Love

  • He’d be so much hotter with his body hair intact. Did some men FORGET that razors were invented for the FACE? Not that I mind the scruff, but dammit if you’re gonna shave anything, let it be above the neck!

  • And no, he’s not naturally smooth… which would be fine. 😛

  • michael

    does nothing for me. sorry.

  • Bob

    What a mess! He used to be hot. Hair where there was a nice face, and hair removed from a nice chest!? I don’t understand.

  • Mark

    He’s gone from hotter than hell to looking like Seth Green’s father. Thank you but no.

  • szoszo

    i think he is a lot hotter than he ever was… i have no idea what you are talking about… yeah he shouldn’t shave his chest but chest hair ultimately does not add or take away from someone’s hotness when they are you know dressed… age does him good although there really isn’t many men out there who can’t say the same for themselves.

  • I agree he looks hotter now, except for the all the shaving that’s taken place on his chest and pits, I mean, why even the pits?? was that for the character? what sort of storyline would require this from him?
    otherwise, nice caps!


  • Abraham

    mmhmmm mature quail #yum

  • Andy

    Those nipples of his have been WORKED for a very long time. ANd I like seeing that in a man.

  • JD

    Ya know, he is a good looking man, BUT — he’s STILL “Greg Kinnear” – and for some reason, that’s just never done a THING for this gay man. Just a personal preference, not trying to be disrespectful to anyone who finds him hot, sexy, total-babe, etc. 😉

  • JD

    @Mark – Now actually, there’s something I could find interesting, him and Seth Green. Might be fun to watch …. but then, I’m kind of a freak like that.

  • bcooper

    yum, i love men built like him

  • Patrick

    OMG…Greg looks very similar to an acquaintance of mine.I’m going to tell my buddy when we have coffee tomorrow. He’ll get a kick out of it. And ,yes I have the hots for my buddy.I’m being patient and waiting for him to make the first move…I’ll be gentle going in ….then work his kitty…

    • lietz

      hope you got to pet it and then some!

  • Reese

    I’ve had a crush on him for years. Shaved or unshaved, smooth or hairy, he looks good.

  • lietz

    total boner material

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