Well, There Goes 1998

Ritchie Neville Shirtless in Gay Times

First off, let me start by saying 1998 was 15 years ago. Fif-fucking-teen. Anyways, that was the year when boybands are my EVERYTHING and 5ive was one of them. This is unfortunately not the star of my teenage wet dreams J Brown, but it’s the ‘pretty one’ – Ritchie Neville getting his junk out (or rather in) for Gay Times Naked Issue via Dale Maily. It’s good that he’s keeping fit and all but it’s a no for me because what I really need to see is J Brown in all his furry, daddy-esque glory. Please shirtless gods make my dream come true!

Ritchie Neville Shirtless in Gay Times

Ritchie Neville Shirtless in Gay Times

Ritchie Neville Shirtless in Gay Times

Only decent shirtless of J Brown on the interwebs I can find…

Jason Brown Shirtless

  • Len

    Sorry, honey, but somebody needs to be a little more thorough with the razor!!! I don’t want to cough up a hairball!!

  • philarktos

    Len: Seriously? Given that Square has made his folicular preferences (with which I heartily agree) quite clear, it seems that comments like this, and yesterday’s “put the bears in the zoo” comment, are basically just a kind of trolling. So you like your guys smooth. SO WHAT? Gonna get quite tiresome if you come here making snarky remarks every time there’s a bit of fur on display or the subject pf appreciative remarks.

  • shoshino jonas

    Len: Perhaps you should douche a bit more, heh??? I can smell you right through the screen.

  • Mike

    How about Square just putting a ban on Len’s username and IP address?

    I’ve been checking out Square Hippies for a couple of years and there has never been a troll issue in that time, at least not that I am aware of. Now, almost every post recently has turned into a childish back and forth between Len and others.

    Best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. Take the fuel from their fire by not even acknowledging their comments, posts, etc.

    Come on Square, it’s disruptive, it’s causing too many people to stray off the posts and comment thread by having to reply to his idiotic and instigative posts. It’s taking away from the fun of the site.

    Whattya say, Bossman? Help us out here.

  • K

    Mike, I don’t know how you’ve not noticed, but Len has been doing this for quite a long time. Recently, though, it’s been getting out of hand. Maybe it’s the dementia finally setting in… who knows.

  • apollo

    is guys body is banging
    lee’s posts however are not
    if we ignore it will it go away?

  • Lenny

    “Len” is a troll who is viciously mocking me for some past criticisms of some guys I didn’t like. He is taking trolling to a whole new level. I’m genuinely sorry for this crap. I’m not going to stop commenting on future guys (positive or negative), and I hope that I won’t be banned along with the troll. I deserve freedom of speech. He is abusing his freedom.

  • apollo

    keep it up lenny. its you we like and not len
    lenny: yay
    len: nay

  • szoszo

    he’s gay?

  • Brody

    Love Five, used to think Abs was so hot, but I think Sean is the hottest now. J is definitely kind of a hot daddy type.
    Ritchie was always too pretty for me but nice body!!!

  • shoshino jonas

    The trolling aspect of comments on this site (which both Lenny & Len do with gusto) is both unnecessary and childish, and neither is appreciated (regardless of the “freedom of speech” plea) ……….if you don’t like the man, there’s simply no need to comment. It’s not like he is going to change his physique just because you’re unhappy about it.

    Grow up and stop being haters……..don’t gay men get enough of this crap from the rest of the world? Why do we have to give it back??

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