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Kurt Shirtless in Australian Firefighters Calendar 2014

As this year draws to a close, it’s only natural to highlight some of the beefcake calendars around and Australians seem to do it much better. I know it’s such a cliche to have these servicemen who are really saving lives on daily basis to take a break and pose half naked on a calendar you’ll never dare to put out in the kitchen, but again it’s for charity so why the hell not? This Australian Firefighters Calendar seems to have sold out but that doesn’t stop my ass from trolling around their Facebook page for some more shots of June (or Kurt, whichever works for you). Shaved to hell and back, but it’s only about an inch close to perfection.

Shirtless Australian Firefighters Calendar 2014

Shirtless Australian Firefighters Calendar 2014

Shirtless Australian Firefighters Calendar 2014

Shirtless Australian Firefighters Calendar 2014

My thoughts exactly.

Shirtless Australian Firefighters Calendar 2014

  • Brody

    i’ll take the DILF please!

  • Beagz

    Is it just me, or does October look a bit like Daniel Craig?

  • The daddy with the gas tank and the tattooed guy with the bucket need to sandwich me as soon as possible.

  • VanceMan

    Australia just keeps turning them out: those Hemsworth brothers, Matt Passmore, and many, many more. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it well.

  • I must say, though, these are far from representing the beautiful Aussie men you see on the streets. My point being, they are even hotter, I mean way hotter.
    A simple day out can be so tough in this country. Cause it’s so hard to resist all that eye candy everywhere.


  • michael

    OMG. i just seriously had to put my head between my knees and breathe. kurt is beautiful, but the guy with the bucket and tats just sent me into thermal shock.

  • Tom

    Dear God. It’s hard to find firefighters, where they hang out, what they do. It’s almost like they’re in a secret society. When I asked someone where they hang out they said, sports bars and with their wives. Well, that’s boring as hell. I would love to find just one who would let me do some fine art nude photography with them.

  • babyboy

    YUMMY…. Now I am on fire…

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    What can I say? I luv me some sweaty hot fire fighters

  • alex andre

    i was in australia for six weeks and i literally had a boner the entire time. those sexy accents, all over tans, cheeky smiles and various minorities- greeks, maltese, italians, good old joes.. ,hhmmmmmmmmhmmm

  • farmer

    my crotch is on fire and it needs to be put out.

    nevermind, i just wet myself

  • @farmer Brilliant!

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